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You said it yourself. All I can remind you of is that your actions, which are certainly spurred out of anger and disappointment are not appropriate in this venue. Wow, sounds like you got stuck with a RL that had it out for you. Sounds like you took the initial decline and gave up. They lay-off when an FA isn't producing, not when the economy is weak.

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If you're so good, you would get hired somewhere else like you say you did. There are 2 kinds of people, people who act tough and say all the big things behind the scenes like say on a computer , and people who go out and prove who they are by getting what they want. Sounds like you took the initial decline and gave up. During my interview process, I met with another FA who told me his story.

He wasn't hired with EDJ the first time he applied, but he told me it didn't stop him from trying. He made the follow up phone calls, asked why he wasn't hired, asked how he could make the situation better in order to be hired, went out and met more FA's and talked to them about his desire to be in the position and how he was just looking for a chance.

Well his persistence paid off, one of the FA's recommended him for another interview. This time he got the job, and now Bottom line, if you want it, go out and get it I can see why EJ didn't hire this guy. He's got the attitude of a high school jock. Now, undoubtedly, cspurr, has NO idea what I'm talking about.

Believing in yourself, having a sense of self worth, knowing in your heart that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to I gots a MBA too! Doesn't hurt, of course. Education is always important. But this is a sales job Oh by the way. I told them I'd do 25 surveys, and I did. The FA that interviewed me looked at them briefly to see they were done, and then he handed them back to me. Not very suspect to me. Besides, you did them It was simply an exercise done for YOUR benefit, so that you don't make the mistake of taking a job you'll end up hating.

You mentioned earlier that you liked being around the "Type A" personality, fighter pilot types YOU strike me and, I'm sure, many others as overly boastful. What did I do or not do? Could I have been more genuine? Could I have been more humble? Was I too cocky? Seriously, you've taken absolutely no responsibility for anything you've discussed.

It was EJ's fault, so you're going to punish the FA that has served you and your family faithfully. Maybe your interviewer sensed your lack of loyalty I'd say take a look in the mirror, but you obviously like what you see.

I think all of the comments from EJ employees are laughable. I put his out there for people to see - plain and simple. I do find it quite ironic how Fud and Civic are so quick to judge about someone's post I sense a lot of hate and condemnation on your behalf - for whatever reason. So to Bud and Civic, who feel the need to flame me and are obviously EJ employees - please don't waste your time and type anything more Indian Rediff - Yeah, that sounds better than what happened to me I never saw my sheets again.

I think any reasonable person could read this entire thread and come to the conclusion that your posts are the most laughable.

What was the ironic part about judging your post? If you didn't want your opinion judged, you should have kept it to yourself. As far as hatred goes, yes, I do hate people who think they have the world owed to them, but don't want to go out and earn a damn thing. You come across as a guy who applied, thought the world of himself, didn't get hired and decided to "flame" the company and anyone who defends it.

If you wanted to prove what kind of "man" you were, instead of wasting time trying to complain and pointing fingers, you would have gone out and not taken the no for an answer and did whatever it took to get the answer you were looking for. You don't have the drive for a job like this and maybe the interviewer picked up on it and decided to go with someone who didn't have the education , but was willing to do whatever it took to get results.

I don't feel I'm wasting my time, I find it amusing reading you defend yourself. The only person who doesn't look good here is you. CivicSI in Oakville, Ontario said: Perhaps you didn't read my other posts? Read my other posts dude If I see something from you from now on - it will be deleted and not read I feel honored that you take the time out of your day to read my posts.

Do you go to Church with such hatred I was employed with Jones for months. Over 1, prospects and close to sixty accounts - and now it all belongs to Jones. I was terminated by Jones only after I was involved in an automobile accident on my way to a mandatory new FA Saturday morning meeting and sustained injuries that severely limited my ability to perform my job responsibilities. The accident occurred at 7AM over 2 hrs away from my home you travel endlessly for required Jones meetings - 25 cents a mile to cover either gas or mileage - but that's it during a blizzard.

I'm currently under my physician's care and out on disability and have been for a month. Regardless, I was let go for 'underperforming'. I'm convinced that the Jones business model is both brilliant and sinister. Most within the first year through attrition. Jones makes out like a bandit whether you stick it out or not. Since they pay a salary, they are legally entitled to your book of business, your prospects, etc. They know that most will drop out, but that's ok.

They are left with an endless list of warm leads and assets already under care. That's horrible to hear, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I agree in that given your circumstances, it should not have lead to your termination. EJ has short and long term disability benefits, did you try to look into those?

I would recommend visiting an employment lawyer. The laws might be different in the US but in Canada, to be terminated with cause, the employer has to show that there was definite under performing. It sounds like they fired you because you got injured on the way to a work meeting in a storm which was mandatory. In those circumstances EJ could be held liable. Another thing working in your favour is that you were not under performing as your numbers state.

Then being terminated shortly after being in an accident and not being able to work does not work in EJ's favour. You could have one heck of a case. Leadership was aware of my physical challenges as a result of my accident. For about four-weeks I struggled through the pain and kept my mouth shut. So I was fighting both the market and a physical impediment. I just kept 're-upping' on anti-inflamatories and hoped for the best.

By Christmas, I was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. I saw my physician a week later and on Jan 8 he placed me on the dl. So, for roughly weeks after my accident, my condition began to deteriorate and worsen, but I said nothing until the first week of January, shortly before they placed me on goals.

Why did I wait? Quite simply, my RL had threatened my job and leveled every insult in the book at me just one week prior to my accident. What was my egregious crime? I was unable to attend a few of the telephone workshops.

Furthermore, I was under the impression that they weren't mandatory. I have extensive phone experience, do not suffer from call reluctance, and actually conducted phone training for years while a broker with a major firm. Regardless, I felt that my RL's behavior was both unacceptable and unwarranted.

I was literally shocked by his treatment of a new employee. I used to coach executive management in conjunction with HR on such topics as discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, hostile work environment, conflict resolution, etc.

Perhaps this is why I am so sensitive to this type of behavior and find it inexcusable. I studied management science in bus. I certainly did not anticipate termination, not after just three weeks on goals and while being on disability. I feel as though this whole thing was designed so that my RL would have grounds for my termination, knowing full well that it would be near impossible for me to accomplish.

It's good to see you losing composure. Man, if you feel honored by having your posts read, it must not take much to impress you. Go on with your replies, or heck start ignoring, both show why you aren't EJ material. It's funny you mention hatred, your posts were full of it for a company that made a decision to not hire you. Up to and including you "firing" your financial advisor.

I wonder if that was a decision based on the principals you learned in church? Wow, sounds like you got stuck with a RL that had it out for you.

I had a similar experience with Best Buy. When your employer starts creating an environment for you to fail in order to terminate you it's called constructive dismissal. It's a form of wrongful termination that can net you a bag of goodies from an employer that decides to use these tactics.

It might be different in the US, but I managed to get an excellent "termination package" from Best Buy once they received my lawyers letter. It may still be a good idea to check out an employment lawyer.

If you signed any paperwork that "relieves" a company of any further legal action, you can claim you signed under duress and not in a clear state of mind.

As for what EJ material is, my answer can only go as far as my experience with the company. They're looking for people that have the drive and determination to get results. Generally a type A personality, someone who can go out and spend hours a day willing to build a business. Lack of these qualities can lead to majority of the first year failures.

I can't even imagine how many more people would fail if they didn't have these stringent interviewing processes to weed out those who may fail in the future. I don't think EJ is for everyone. I agree, however I feel that the Jones model is not truly designed to capture and retain top talent. Our region here is a perfect example. I've met some fine, talented people from very diverse backgrounds. All were very successful and earned low six-figures in their former careers. Like myself, they weren't necessarily unhappy in their former careers, but instead desired more control and autonomy over their professional lives.

But the first sign of trouble, the leadership either cuts their throat outright or makes life so unbearable that they ultimately resign. The culture is very 'cult' like here in the States and the term 'Kool-Aid drinker' is used to describe the Jones employee who can not think for himself nor recognize any fault whatsoever with the company. Like a lemming, they will blindly follow the pied piper over the cliff.

They never question authority nor would ever consider to do so. It's never the fault of Edward Jones and it's perfectly acceptable for a RL to verbally abuse and threaten an employee and get away with such behavior time and time again. It's quite sad, actually. I was so passionate about this company, too. It's really a shame. I understand that you are disappointed.

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