Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

Video Companies are wasting developers' talent, losing billions in the process. Sie bieten oft zusätzliche Funktionen wie das automatische Hochladen von Fotos. Check out special offers and discounts on popular products. Messages In secret chats, deleting a message always instructs the app on the other end to delete it too.

Die Top Anbieter für Online-Backups von Dateien und Ordnern:

The AWS Free Tier enables you to gain free, hands-on experience with the AWS platform, products, and services.

Finland is preparing for a future as a world leader in artificial intelligence — and it's starting with AI training for 55, people http: Some really good stuff in here about what it takes to really go long http: Under Benioff's leadership, Salesforce has not only had outstanding revenue growth but it has also set itself apart in the enterprise tech world by building a community of fans of what the brand stands for and not just users or customers of their cloud solutions.

It's amazing how much of what we know about Sheryl Sandberg's work over the past year involves calling Facebook critics and asking them to tone it down http: After Benioff criticized Facebook early last year, Sheryl Sandberg called and said he didn't understand the company and they'd send some reading material along that would clarify the situation.

It never arrived, Benioff says. Salesforce Marc Benioff talks tech ethics, Time Magazine and vacation http: That's the all-too-rare actual number that Amazon's SVP of devices and services, Dave Limp, revealed to me earlier this week.

Amazon reports over million Alexa devices sold. Over Million Devices. Amazon confirms Alexa device sales numbers, and it's a lot. How to set up an Amazon Echo. Amazon reveals number of Alexa devices sold as smart speaker competition heats up. Amazon has finally revealed how many Alexa devices have been sold. More than million Alexa devices have been sold.

Amazon claims it has sold more than million Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon touts million Alexa devices sold ever following huge holiday boost. More than million of them sold, and what the plan is to get the next million. Amazon doesn't clarify how many are Amazon Devices from Amazon Lab vs Third Party but this is a major milestone assuming it does not include mobile devices.

Will be interesting to see how Google update its numbers next week with CES. Amazon reveals that million Alexa devices have been sold. I believe that's the first time it's made the number public. Amazon is also super happy to allow anybody to make devices with multiple assistants, still.

I wonder what's keeping that from happening! You'll lose your mind if you're a slave to your screen. Worry less about children's screen use, parents told. Children should avoid looking at screens for at least an hour before bed because it can disturb sleep ….

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health issues guidance on screen time for children. Switch off their screens an hour before bedtime, child health experts tell parents. Screen time not intrinsically bad for children, say doctors. Zoho Academy's Newest Ebook is Up We've analyzed Techmeme's news crawl data to find out. View any topic report instantly! Who's Hiring In Tech? Talented People Thrive Here. Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Join the leading cloud security team.

Fulfill the promise of the internet. Build the future of teamwork. Join the leader in graph databases. Amazon S3 bietet die flexibelste Palette an Speichermanagement- und -verwaltungsfunktionen. Speicheradministratoren können Datennutzungstrends klassifizieren, melden und visualisieren, um die Kosten zu senken und die Service-Level zu verbessern.

Objekte können mit spezifischen, anpassbaren Metadaten getaggt werden, sodass Kunden Speicherverbrauch, Kosten und Sicherheit separat für jede Arbeitsauslastung anzeigen und steuern können.

S3 kann auch Objektzugriffsmuster zur Erstellung von Lebenszyklusrichtlinien analysieren, die Tiering, Löschvorgänge und Aufbewahrung automatisieren. Amazon S3 ist ein überaus zuverlässiger, skalierbarer und sicherer Ort zum Speichern und Archivieren Ihrer wichtigen Daten.

Amazon S3 und Amazon Glacier stellen verschiedene Speicherklassen bereit, um die Anforderungen von Compliance-Archiven für regulierte Branchen oder von aktiven Archiven für Organisationen, die schnellen, seltenen Zugriff auf Archivdaten benötigen, zu erfüllen.

Lifecycle Policies machen den Übergang von Daten zwischen den Speicherklassen Amazon S3 und Amazon Glacier einfach und automatisieren den Übergang basierend auf kundendefinierten Richtlinien. Cloudera and Hortonworks' merger closes; quo vadis big data? Everything you need to know about Redmond's cloud service. This data-stealing Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store.

Here's what life might look like in Hey Juul, you made it bad. Hands-on with an impressive new release. Just In CES No batteries required; Matrix PowerWatch 2 is powered by the sun and your body heat 0 minutes ago.

Asus launches Chromebook Education series with trio of laptops, Chrome-running tablet 2 hours ago. HP, Acer, and Asus unveil new laptops 3 hours ago. An Apple saleswoman says this is the only reason to buy an iPad Pro 7 hours ago.

NSA to release a free reverse engineering tool 22 hours ago. Singapore Airlines data breach affects accounts, exposes travel details 1 day ago. Sponsored Expert advice from AWS on how to get started with machine learning. Special Feature From Cloud to Edge: The Next IT Transformation. Special Feature Tech Budgets The Future of Business. Sponsored How business leaders can use AI to gain a competitive advantage. Special Feature Sensor'd Enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data.

Special Feature Tech and the Future of Transportation. Singapore Airlines customer logs into account, sees stranger's personal data Frequent flyer member successfully logs into her Krisflyer account using her user ID and password, but sees personal details of someone else including the booking reference for an upcoming trip, recent activities, and personal email.