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I think you have the wrong number.

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Introduction; Looking at the photographs of lovely old ladies showing off their bodies without any embarrassment got me thinking. How do the guys persuade them to do it? Some pics must be old lovers but still there are tons of similar pics on the net. That gave me the idea for this story. Look at this nice lady — a typical upright granny. Her name is Susan and she is attractive. Being a granny- lover I see her as attractive.

In fact, she was my first model so to speak. Needless to say, once I had found my BBC bud and we spent a lot of time playing together, I thought it might be time that we have a threesome with my recently acquired girlfriend.

I met her online at a website for guys and gals looking for sex. The first time she came to my place we immediately fell in lust with each other.

She was a few years younger than me and somewhat thick All I know is that she turned out to be the most sexually responsive woman I'd ever been with. A month of thinking about how slutty my mates wife was had taken its toll on me. My sex life with my wife was non-existent to be honest.

As she was preparing to take her shower, Lena saw Liam step into the bath, naked, just as instructed. His little cock was not much more than the first segment of her thumb, but she knew from the day before how it could get a lot longer and a decent amount thicker. Her long straight brown hair hung loosely, framing her face. Her hazel eyes swirled like clouds before a storm. She wore a black one piece swimsuit, ultrashort cutoff Jean shorts and sandals.

My family took a vacation every year to Minnesota for two weeks. This year, Meg's family joined us during the second. I knew Meg most of my life, and was attracted to her since she was seven and I was six.

We were at a resort on a lake. Tess my stepdaughter had come round for a meal it had only been a few weeks since her mother had died and we found comfort, and fantastic sex, with each other.

We had eaten and still in the dining room, started kissing, I was still on my chair, she in her tight black dress walked round to my end of the table, her high heels clacking on the wooden floor as she hitched her dress up over her stocking tops and her tight little bottom, revealing that she had no panties on.

We used to have a great adult bookstore near me. It had a theater in it that was actually just 2 rooms with big screens showing porn. One would be straight porn and the other would be something with a kink. Each room had a half circle of seats facing the screens.

They kept it dark enough to see the screens but light enough to see each other so you could watch what was happening in the theater.

She was 44, while I was 30 when it happened. I will try to write it as detail as I could in english]. This is his second marriage with his new wife, so I called her my step aunty. Lately, Uncle had been busy having business meetings abroad, usually takes up to 3 or 4 days leaving, but this time he left for a two weeks.

It was a normal day; a normal boring day like every other day, when I got a text. Hungry for cock, cocksucker? I stared at it for a minute; it was from a number I didn't recognize.

I think you have the wrong number. I figured that was the end of it, but he texted back a couple minutes later: I guess it's your lucky day then. Sorry, man, I'm not gay. I returned to playing Xbox when I should have been studying for next week's midterms. To my surprise, he texted back again: What a strange question! I don't know why I responded, but I did. A few years ago, my son Rob had a girlfriend called Abigail.

She was quite a big girl with an awesome sense of humour. We even took them on holiday with us once to a villa in Spain. It was there I got to see her body in more detail. She had a beautiful pair of breasts, enhanced by nipples that stood out a full inch. OK, they sagged a bit and hung above an baby fat belly. Her outstanding feature though was her outstanding arse. When she bent over on the beach, I couldn't help but develop an erection in my skimpy trunks.

I had to swiftly get into the sea to shrink it! Gloria was happy to be home. She just finished her second year of college and was home for the summer. Her mother Janet could use the company. Gloria's dad, Janet's husband, left Janet 3 years ago for another woman.

Janet had a hard time getting over it. Gloria had another problem she had to face. How to tell her mother she was gay. She tried to tell her last summer when she was home but always backed out at the last minute.

This summer she vowed she would tell her. Janet came into the kitchen. We can shop till we drop. As many of you readers may know, the vast number of my stories are fact based. Sometime in the past I experienced an incident that fuels my stories. At the ripe age of sixteen I had my first encounter with a mature female. She was thirty and at that time I thought that was old.

One short year later I had a sexual encounter with a woman whom was close to sixty. That is when I became hooked on older, mature ladies. I'd lived down the street from Vince and Kathy for over a year and had started helping them with stuff around the house after Vince broke his hand. After he got the cast off, I kept stopping by to help because I wanted to be a good neighbor and because they were genuinely nice folks.

Kind, with funny stories and a terrifically sarcastic old man sense of humor. After college and the military, I settled down and got married.

She would tell me to just fuck her and take off her panties, bend over the bed and let me fuck and finish. I still needed more. I met this girl from work. A part time assistant. That is until one day I was leaving work and Melly, the assistant was leaving as well.

She told me as we were walking out to meet her at the park. Kara had met Darrell when they were both in high school. They were friends and nothing more but she always suspected that he wanted to be more than friends.

He was a good looking guy with a great body but he wasn't really her type. I met Kara in college. She was my biology lab partner and I knew within a week that we were destined to be together. I'd never been a believer in love at first sight or the concept of a soulmate but the chemistry between us was instant and powerful.

We dated off and on for three years. We loved hard and we fought hard. We had passion and we were kinky. It was my Sophomore year in College and once again my girlfriend was too busy with homework to spend time with me. We hadn't done anything sexual in a while so I was feeling deprived and extremely horny. I needed to jack off like crazy but my roommate was in the room so I went to the bathroom in the food court building.

It was a quiet place. There was only one guy in there and he was at the urinal. I figured he would leave soon so I sat on the stall and took my six-inch erection out and started to jerk it quietly. Then the door opened and some other guy walked towards the urinal.

When I got married the first time back in my wife had a younger sister. The wedding day came, and we had a nice time and after we went on our honeymoon and had fun. We got home and started to settle into our new house and that weekend after work my wife told me that her sister wanted to come over and spend the night with us.

I said fine no problem so she said she would go pick her up after work and then come home. I got home and took out dinner and started it and soon my wife and her sister got home. Steve stopped, looking his wife up and down, taking in the fitted suit, the black sheer stockings and the towering high heels.

Jerry was hanging out at his apartment with Elaine one afternoon when the self-centered brunette was doing her usual whining. I mean, what are friends for? She complained that her boyfriend kept wanting her to try anal sex, making a gagging sound with a scrunched up face to match as she went on about his disgusting request.

Are there ghost in this house? I needed to know. It felt like I was watching a porn video and then the guy impossibly stepped off the screen and stuck his wet dick in my face!

Without any warning I was suddenly transformed from anonymous audience to active participant with the lights shining on me and the cameras rolling! And my impulse was to obey, to suck. I opened my mouth and took his rock hard cock in my mouth without even thinking And I knew in one second, in one impulsive moment, that I wasn't as straight as I'd thought.

Just like a guy in one of those stories. Dave Part 2 Well following on from our fist initial meet at our house, sure enough he text me a few days later and arranged to pick me up from the end of my road at 8pm. On the said night I had already told hubby about the meet, he said go for it, just tell me everything what happens in full detail! His car pulled up and I got in, I was wearing a nice dress, not too tight, with my usual white stockings, lace panties, and suspenders belt, along with a white lacy bra that pushed my boobs up nicely.

My father had died, when I was seven and my Mother was working as a waitress, at night. Up until then, it had always been a woman babysitter. He was a Navy man, named Jim and showed up in his Navy uniform. He was about twenty two and well built. He seemed to be nice and I liked him. She did not know why she continued to work now that she was almost eight months pregnant. Cheryl and were excited about her first pregnancy. Although encouraged Cheryl to stop working, she just could leave the law firm where she worked.

Cheryl felt she was doing okay until this past month. Now Cheryl just wanted the pregnancy to be over. Wöchentlich am besten bewertete Geschichten Storys anzeigen in.

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