‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Gets Bloody Live-Action Short Starring 'Supernatural's Osric Chau

Add Image S1, Ep9. Saiko is almost killed but for Amon Kotaru, who is revealed to be alive.

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Kaneki lost his memories after the events of the Root: A anime in which Arima kishou lobotomized him with his IXA, stabbing it through both of his eyes this is not shown in the anime because Studio Pierrot are too PC sensitive and Arima recruited him to become an investigator. Orochi is Nishio from Part 1. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does Orochi know Haise Sasaki? Orochi reacted when he saw Haise Sasaki Tokyo Ghoul: Re episode 1 and said Hmmm? There's something about him Syed Rafay 4 Crownbot42 Crownbot42 2 3 You will get your answer in the anime Tokyo ghoul: Syed Rafay Syed Rafay 4 Sasaki, having survived his encounter with Takizawa, saves her from execution by asking to take her into custody.

She is imprisoned in Cochlea ghoul prison. In the following weeks after the operation, the members of the Quinx Squad are being promoted while Sasaki becomes senior investigator. At the next morning, he hallucinates that an investigator is Yamori. The same night, Sen Takatsuki Eto delivers him a package with Kaneki's old mask and a book signed by her in it.

He goes to the: Sasaki starts searching about Kaneki and then suffers a hallucination of Yoshimura and Anteiku.

On the same night, Tsukiyama still is in terrible pain despite eating many 'meals'. Tsukiyama is always hungry and can't control his kagune. In the meantime, Tatara refuses Ayato's request to rescue Hinami from Cochlea.

Sasaki is approached by the ghoul investigators Nimura Furuta and Shiki Kijima who tell him that he is going to work them on the upcoming Rose Investigation. They are saved by the investigator Hairu Ihei. Gang member Yuuma is arrested and tortured by Kijima in Cochlea. Sasaki visits Uta to learn more about the mask and Takatsuki's book, who in turn lies about both of those things. Sasaki then asks him to make him a new mask.

Tsukiyama wants to make Sasaki remember that he is Kaneki. He and Kanae find him on the street, along with the Quinx Squad, and Tsukiyama runs towards him but falls down. Sasaki hears him saying "Kaneki" but he doesn't recognise him. Sasaki goes to Uta's shop and orders masks for the entire Quinx Squad, in order to impersonate ghouls for the upcoming Rose Investigation.

Kori Ui rejects the plan, knowing that Sasaki is a ghoul. In the meantime, Kijima's video of him torturing Yuuma brutally and provoking Rose gang to kill him has gone viral. Tsukiyama makes many failed attempts to speak to Sasaki, so Kanae bribes some Aogiri members to attack the Squad in order to isolate Sasaki.

However, Yamori's old gang attacks Sasaki by accident and Mutsuki battles with Torso but he is attacked by the ghoul Grave Robber. Sasaki kills his attackers with his kagune. Saiko is almost killed but for Amon Kotaru, who is revealed to be alive. Eto watches the entire scene. Kanae comes face to face with Eto who first toys with him and then attacks him with her full power.

It's revealed that Kanae loves Tsukiyama but he doesn't, so Kanae wishes he could kill Sasaki. Eto tells him that she will "be his god" and captures him. The same night, Sasaki wears Kaneki's mask and along with the Quinx Squad start a patrol. Sasaki is recognised by ghouls as Eyepatch, so he starts finding information about him.

He learns that the Eyepatch was the one who "killed" Amon and he sees again a Kaneki hallucination crying about killing Amon. Tsukiyama meets again with Sasaki who asks him if he is a ghoul and if he knows Ken Kaneki. Tsukiyama refuses to tell him. On the same night, Tsukiyama's father drugs him in order to keep him safe.

The CCG are at the front of the Tsukiyama mansion ready to attack. Tsukiyama's father allows himself to be arrested while Tsukiyama takes control of the family as the CCG arrives in his hideout. In the meantime, Kanae is tortured and mutilated by Eto. In the meantime, Tsukiyama begrudgingly says goodbye to his friends who tell him to go to the rooftop where a helicopter is going to take him away.

Kori Ui sends Sasaki on the roof. Tsukiyama arrives there too and comes face to face with Sasaki. Sasaki tells Tsukiyama to surrender but Tsukiyama attacks him. Meanwhile, Kanae is now insane and attacks CCG investigators on the hideout. Hariu Ihei is wounded badly by Matsumae and makes a final stand but Matsumae decapitates her.

Kijima arrives on the scene but Matsumae slices him up and cuts him in two with his own quinque killing him. Furuta protects himself from one of Matsumae's attacks by using another agent as a human shield, and then kills Matsumae with Kijima's quinque.

The Quinx Squad come face to face with Noro. Sasaki fights with Tsukiyama and in a moment of weakness, loses his hand by an attack from Kanae. Noro is destroyed by Ginshi Shirazu but he doesn't die. Kanae tries to kill Sasaki, who starts to remember that Arima was mocking him for his defeat at his hands.

Sasaki escapes Kanae who is revealed to be a woman named Karren. Eto arrives on the scene with her form as the One-Eyed Owl. Kaneki fights with Karen, piercing her mercilessly with his kagune as Tsukiyama watches.

Although Kaneki recognises Tsukiyama, he stabs him. Meanwhile, Urie and Shirazu fight and kill Noro, but Shirazu ends up dying due to his injuries. Kaneki and Eto fight, running from the windows towards the roof of the hideout.

Kaneki destroys her kakuja, ripping her apart. Eto falls from the building while declaring her love for him.

Kori Ui finds Kaneki devouring Eto's kakuja on the roof. Kaneki pretends to still be Sasaki and throws Tsukiyama from the building.