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Well come inside and learn everything you can about this base. Oh yeah, check the corner of the wall, next to the 3 trees, and then open your fucking mouth. Murphy exits the COC and sees the Terp. Mohammed sits by himself on a cot.

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We understand this stuff better than anyone. So think of us next time you have an idea. We would love to see your vision come to life. Our most popular product. All the Marines look up from their notepads and look at each other confused.

Murphy continues talking but his dialogue becomes inaudible. Did he really just forget about Wagner? Bro, the phantom fury guys are savage as fuck. Cox gets up from his seat at the radio. Sir, the CO is asking for you. Almost every person in the room looks pissed. Everyone leaves and Murphy walks over to the radio table.

Murphy shakes his head and looks at Rich, who is also shaking his head. Cox puts his head down. They exchange a glance. He looks at Rich, then Cox, who both have their eyebrows raised. I recommend we do a BDA from a distance.

Berry stands tall and almost shouts. You will conduct a complete fucking BDA before sundown, and you will report back anything you find to me, no later than Murphy looks at Rich and Cox angrily. Rich raises his eyebrows. Gunther crosses his arms and stands in front of the CO. Looks like you got your hands full with this one, sir? Berry shakes his head and walks off. He looks at Cox. I see some pieces a shit to our west. This is as close as I wanna get to the minefield. Murphy and DOC walk to the front of the patrol.

DOC starts applying aid to WT1 immediately. Murphy looks around and sees 5 other bodies. Gimme one team to search and have everyone else on security. Then he opens the pouch, rips off a piece of pork, then draws a dick on the guys forehead with pork gravy. The Taliban moans and Murphy smiles. Murphy lets him struggle for 5 seconds, then the guy goes limp. Murphy puts the kabar away and walks over to the only other living Taliban.

Doc looks up from the casualty. Sir, this guys dead. Ok, go check him! Doc walks to BDA 4. Murphy kneels down at BDA 6. Well then fuckin search him doc. Stop makin me micromanage you. Murphy does the same thing as before, except when he knicks the guys carotid he starts screaming. Murphy looks around nervously, then jams the kabar into his trachea.

Murphy puts his knee over his neck and the noise is muffled. He probably not gonna make it. You help with the search, I got this guy. Two Marines who are searching a body look at Murphy then exchange glances again. Two other Marines make a joke about the dead body. He puts something in his pocket and has a mischievous look on his face. Murphy walks up to the Marines with a smile. They prop up a little. How about a squirt of that CLP? Reckon I might have a dab for you sir.

Murphy sits down on a cot and takes some CLP from the guys, then starts cleaning his rifle. Hey gents, how you holdin up? I like your spirit killer. A couple Marines roll their eyes.

So you mean, two to the chest and one to head sir? The Marines ponder this thought for a second. Been a pleasure gents. He cleans it with the same attention to detail that a Warhammer 40, gamer would paint his pieces.

His headphones are on. What genre should he listen to? He finishes cleaning the ear, holds it up, and smiles. He brings out a pelican case from under his desk, opens it, and pulls out an ear necklace. He talks to the ear, then puts on the necklace, looks down and smiles. He reaches back into the pelican case and pulls out an arm. He smiles, dances to the front door, ensures its locked, then dances back to his desk, takes his silkies off, sits down, grabs the arm, and nods to himself. We see Marines in their daily monotony.

Straight up man, subhuman. Yeah, I know man, but I wanna think a bit more, like, civilized than that. They are interrupted by the radio. CoC this is ECP.

We got a civilian here, looks like he might be a village elder. What does he want? How the fuck should I know? We watch the interaction from the ECP posts perspective. The elder lifts up his mandress to show that he has no weapons, then the Marines search him.

Quotin the Quran, talkin about how cool Mohammed is, planning how to kill us. Abdullah, how are we going to kill dee americans? Achmed, act like you know a nigga, you know that suicide bombings have always been my favorite.

Ahhhh, yes, dis is true. Do you any have HME? Allauakbar, that is great idea, I wish I think of that. Well come inside and learn everything you can about this base. The Marine with the Terp radios the CoC. Murphy walks into the COC sipping a cup of coffee. Search him and bring him in. In afghan accent Omg Im so happy, these Marines are just as stupid as we are! In afghan accent No kidding! I thought Afghans were the stupidest people on the planet! In afghan accent Allauakbar!

The Terp walks towards the COC with the elder. We see from the perspective of the Marines. Murphy shakes the elders hands with on hand on his heart and they being talking. Murphy and the two guys laugh. CU on Murphy as he appears to be listening intently to the elder. No, what do you mean? CU on Murphy as he appears to say something genuine while holding one hand on his heart.

LT is cordial as fuck, but I think all he dreams about is killing these people. Fox 6, 1 actual. Berry has a plate of hot chow in front of him. Ok, 1, let me be more clear. So you will to conduct a soft knock on this house today, and you will report your findings back to me, today. Murphy closes his eyes and looks down for a beat. Then he looks back up. What about relocating his family to Kabul? Murphy nods and smiles sarcastically. Murphy is infuriated and stressed out.

Berry puts his headset down and happily gets ready to eat his dinner. So, are we headin out sir? Murphy looks at him angrily, sighs, and leaves the COC. Murphy exits the COC and sees the Terp. He looks around for a second. Mohammed sits by himself on a cot. A Marine offers him a cigarette. The Marine offers him a dip. The Marine shrugs and walks away. The platoon leadership stands around the terrain model in FROG gear. Sir, we could set the outer cordon around this little green zone, put the inner cordon around the compound, and then—.