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I wish that bitcoin doubles from here so I get close to even on that trade. Goes to show you how many people out in the world can not see how needy they are and what a burden they are if and when something happens. Clearly this fall may bring cheap meat if the farmer can not feed their stock.

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As another of our members going by the handle of oldart will tell you A steady stream of top-notch investment ideas. Over message board topics to help you focus on the areas that interest you most. I have been cooking beans, stews, pot roasts, cakes, homemade soups, etc. The food cooks slowly, is tender, juicy and delicious. The food does not stick to the pans either. Cooking food this way uses no fuel. Another bonus is there is no food aroma like when you are cooking food out on the grill. In a SHTF situation, this would be a plus.

Survival cave has canned meats both in 14oz and 28 oz cans.. I buy once a month and have managed to accumulate servings of meat so far…I like the smaller cans because I dont have to worry about preserving the leftovers from a 10 can. Rice — Beans — Wheat Just looking at some alternative protein sources, I wondered what people thought of Textured vegetable protein. Just wondered if anyone else knows anything about it that I may wanna know.

Personally, I hate TVP. I know some vegetarian religious who use it, which is where I ate it. There is something about gumbo that just assimilates whatever is added and expands. It does freeze well, though. Buy the crumbles instead of the chunks — much less of that nasty rubbery texture that Blue mentioned. When you soak it to reconstitute it, throw a beef bouillon cube in to give it a meatier flavor. So if you would normally put two pounds of ground beef in a pot of chili, use one pound of ground beef and the equivalent in TVP.

So chili, spaghetti sauce, enchiladas, that type of thing. I agree the crumbles are much better. I soak with a bullion cube for some recipes, tomato paste and water for others, both work. I use it in meals that have ground beef in to make them go further. Meat gets smaller when you cook it, this gets bigger. I soak mine for a minute or two before putting it in the pan, just to start it swelling.

I have served spag Bol, chilli, minced beef and onion pie, al to committed carnivores and not ne of them has noticed. It lasts for ages unopened and is dirt cheap…try it out, I think it is worth it and have 10pounds of it in store. Thanks guys Ill buy some and try it.

As long as it stores good for a decent price i dont see why like you said keeping a few pounds of it would hurt. We bought some chicken TVP at http: It adds a nice smokey flavor to the otherwise boring boiled chicken.

They also have Taco TVP which my grand kids love. I buy a lot of water in gallon jugs from the Dollar Store! They also have great beans already cooked which are great for a fast meal not to mention some other really useful things. I have gallons of stored water from used jugs.. I moved water to the garage cement floor on shelfing and then bought drums. Hearing the news on Peregrine Financial Group going chapter 7 just makes me think that time is getting shorter, and we are running out of tomorrows.

Obama is getting more bold and arrogant by the day while the Stupid Party cowers. Why even have a Congress. I cannot remember a president ever that did whatever he wants with no pushback. I think the fix is in and we all better accept the fact that things are goingto get bad. Yes, all the Paulbots will peel away enough votes to keep Barry in the WH. John W— Let me refresh your memory. First the positive is that the longer you can survive without depending on the government the absolutely better.

In fact the longer you can survive, even a few days can mean the difference. You can find much at the market that has been discounted. I cannot say enough about coupons as many companies want you to try their product to get you hooked and they will give you free products that you can store.

Coupons also can be combined with certain in store coupons in some stores to save even more money. Many times in the produce section and meats, they will discount food a lot that must be sold. If you are into canning this can save mega dollars. If we do, then there is some real problems with storing up food that is packed with sodium and no nutrition. Your body will feel the effects of eating food that is not good for it.

I have always highly suggested to everyone that your body must be operating in good shape to face the perils of after the end of society, especially disease and germs that will be rampant.

Items such as Kool-Aid, bouillion cubes, gelatin are not really survival items as they offer nothing that your body can use. I say buy up items that are listed that have calories and nutrition. Canned vegetables, fruit, meats, beans, rice, chili, etc. I would really avoid products that have MSG monosodium glutamate in them because this shows that the product is most likely inferior to eat and is being hidden by MSG.

Japanese soldiers during WW2 were given pure crap to eat loaded with MSG so they could shallow the less than dog food they had to eat. This was last year, but with this you get ALL the vitamin and minerals you need. It is 39 total items; 35 cans, 1 jar, 2 boxes, 1 box container. Eat one can of each of the 7 cans each day, 1 can of tuna one day and 1 can of chicken the other, divide up the oatmeal and powdered milk for the 7 days, and each about 2.

Each day you get following vitamin and minerals and the recommended daily allowence you should get each day.

Calcium————— mg—— Iron—————— mg—— Lack of proper nutrition reallys takes its toll on the body. With this plan you can buy one week or multiple weeks of food using the same items. During the really awful times, something to consider is fiber, which this has. Constipation is something that many of these cheap foods will give people, and all sorts of stomach cramps on top of not giving someone what their body needs to survive. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are ugly and debilitating, but can be prevented both before SHTF and during it and after it.

People laugh when I say they need to have stool softener in there medicine chest. Laxatives are too harsh and people can get dehydrated. Always do your own research though. Both of your wisdom makes me so glad that I visit this site. Malnutrition is awful and take the physical stamina away from people when they need it the most. May I suggest one of the best little books I have ever come across for maintaining proper nutrition with what you eat, AND what you store for later.

With this book you can see if you are missing anything with what you are eating, and how much of each vitamin and mineral you have stored in your supplies. Many survival foods lack some of the most important vitamins that there is because many B vitamins are cooked out for long term storage of certain items. You know when I was trying to figure out what would be the cheapest route to go for a survival menu for others, I found it was difficult for example B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Copper.

This is why I chose mixed nuts as one of the items to store up. Brazil nuts for example are loaded with selenium that is an important antioxidant that helps prevent breakdown of tissues, really important after a SHTF event. Vitamin E is also in nuts and oatmeal. Beans are wonderful for fiber and high in so much that we all need. Much goes into survival after everything breaks down and avoiding sickness is one them. Maintaining continued good nutrition is key to this.

With the droughts in the midwest it will only go higher. Prices for everything including beef and chicken will probably rise. I look for this to affect gas too with the gov subsidized mandate on ethanol. This program should be suspended when corn is scarce.

Ethanol in gas sucks anyway. Save the corn for foodstuffs. Here Come the Draft-Nappers: I actually agree with Gen. A 2 year stint in the military is not too much too much to ask. Some reservists are putting in 2 and 3 deployments to the ME. For a lot of young kids getting out of high school who have no immediate goals, the military is a great builder in discipline and offers training which can be utilized once out of the military , as well a helping through the GI bill should they want to continue thir studies.

I am an example of the hillbillification of our society by preppin to the max. I highly recommend all preppin peeps enjoy this vid because we rule ……..

Get prepped while you can. Prices skyrocketing, food shortages sure to come, then martial law. I dread martial law most of all. Maybe not for you and your fam but as things start getting tough and food chooses are slim, constipation can become a huge problem for people, especially if they are on a rice only diet or just gnawing of scraps they find.

Constipation in extreme cases can be simply horrible: Just saying, constipation can be hard to diagnose but once you see one of your loved ones in that sort of pain you will do anything to make it better speaking from experience. You cant go wrong when yur BUTT sings,…. Who gives a fuck anymore? In the end we all end up dead anyway. Meaningless, all of life is meaningless. Bought lots of those and when other things go on sale I buy as much as I can. I think the purpose of the article is to get people started prepping can be overwhelming emotionally and financially if you break it down into smaller steps its more manageable and as people get into it like me,they QUICKLY see the need to accelerate their efforts.

Unfortunately, for many in power the Constitution means nothing. UN arms treaty could put U. Unfortunately their suggestions laws mean nothing. There is no way in high hell America will ever be disarmed. I think at least half the country would die before that, and the other half the didnt fight have no idea of life or liberty in the first place.

Just wanted to add: So if anything ever comes close to the above, we can kindly give them a warning with peaceful action, or we can wait silently for them at our door step, either one is very acceptable in my eyes.

Recipes in the book are divided into the following chapters:. I checked some of the recipes, and, as you could imageine, the recipes are calling for all kinds of other goods, with the Ramen noodles being an insignificant slice of the total cost ….

So, they were probably bought in Persistent and extreme June dryness across the central and eastern Corn Belt and extreme late June and early July heat from the central Plains to the Ohio River Valley have substantially lowered yield prospects across most of the major growing regions. Harvested area is also reduced slightly based on the June 29 Acreage report.

Food, seed, and industrial use is also projected lower, down million bushels, mostly reflecting a million-bushel reduction in corn used to produce ethanol. Exports are projected million bushels lower as tight supplies, higher prices, and strong competition from South American exporters limit U.

Imports are raised 2 million bushels based on the latest trade data. Exports are projected 50 million bushels lower reflecting the slowing pace of old-crop sales and shipments.

I am a big fan of the clearance aisle at Dollar General and Family Dollar- there is always something there to add to your preps make sure to look at expiration dates! I love the Dollar tree as well, even if I have to drive and hour to get there, it more than makes up for it.

I think everyone should also be looking at their local thrift stores and Goodwill. All of my shorts and tops this summer were bought at Goodwill. Even got a couple of nice purses, a large candle, and an extra oil lamp. Buying these needed items at Goodwill allows more money to be spent on food preps! Yard sale prices are much better though if you can find what you need. Does anyone notice something scary at the end the right side of the gray lined chart for March-July of ???

Is it showing the value of a shipping route? I suppose a Cape is a type of container ship? They transfer goods from country to country…no orders because our economy is shot due to unemployment!! Yesterday I walked into my local Walmart and ran smack into a large bin of.

Stocked up nicely on much needed health products and priced better than the dollar stores. In addition to the middle west drought, the Pacific NW had a cool and wet spring, temps about 4 degrees below normal.

Potatoes are good, barley is good, berries are fine, but expect higher prices even for local produce up here. Not for long term storage, but up to a year past the expo date. Yeah, they taste a bit on the rancid, oily side at this stage but not too bad. Hot Sauce will help. Instead of Rammers why not store corn grits?

Grits, Rammers…you pays your money and takes your chances. This is a terrible article. How about a 50 lb bag of rice, one of beans, and one of lentils? Keep your family from starving AND from malnutrition. Canned food is banned food in my house. My first observation was.. WTH…every stocker should have many bags of rice..

Anyone over 50 that even has a hint high blood pressure would surely blow a gasket with the high amounts of sodium in this list. Try again you can do better. On a positive note, your body would be preserved for a while till they bury you. One basic thing I would get for every member of your family or group , is the complete set up of the good old GI canteen with steel cup and cover. Its very very basic but with that you can make a hot meal , have an emergency digging implement , etc.

We add venison jerky and canned trout any type fish you like to that list as we harvest our own. Every little bit adds up. I have about 20 lbs. When all costs are added it would be cheaper to go to a trout farm pond and catch it by the lb. We have three chain supermarkets besides Walmart that we check weekly. Since January; we have bought up quite a few bargains because we have watched and waited.

We bought a case each week without a strain on our budget. The sale by date is Another market has a scanner at the entrance for the store discount card. Four times in the past month we have gotten coupons with. Their brand rice in the 3 lb. We each have a store card so we got two coupon sheets at the entrance.

We bought rice several times, when we were lucky enough to pull the. Regularly, at full retail, we would be paying over. What a bargain, and we got it by paying attention and using our options.

We now have an extra 24 lbs. For comparison; at our Walmart store the cost of the cheapest rice for a 10 lb. The content on this site is provided as general information only. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author s and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author s.

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Get Protein - Survival Meat. Have Water in an Emergency. Active Shooter Body Armor. Surprise — Had 23 Guns In Office. Prepping on the Cheap: Here are 52 stock-ups — one for each week! Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary. July 10, at 5: July 10, at 6: July 10, at 7: July 11, at 8: July 11, at 5: July 10, at 8: Looks like a new 52 week high coming.

As the old saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me. Nowhere is this saying more appropriate than for investors in DryShips. What is driving the rise in shipping company prices? A lot of stocks are up the last two days but the BDI rate is still hanging in there above and has been over Last quarter SHIP was actually positive 2 cents in earnings. If these shipping companies can make money at an average of , they should be 4th quarter positive again.

It hit my sell target and I'm out for now. Didn't think it would. Just letting you know if I sold it's gonna take off now. Never fails, so just hold. Patient is the key Well we see tomorrow.