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The summers are warm and winters cool. Most native Luxembourg dishes, consumed as the traditional daily fare, share roots in the country's folk dishes the same as in neighboring Germany.

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According to the Environmental Performance Index, Luxembourg is one of the world's best performers in environmental protection, ranking 4th out of assessed countries [52] Luxembourg also ranks 6th among the top ten most livable cities in the world by Mercer's.

Luxembourg has an oceanic climate Köppen: Cfb , marked by high precipitation, particularly in late summer. The summers are warm and winters cool. Luxembourg's stable and high-income market economy features moderate growth , low inflation , and a high level of innovation.

The industrial sector, which was dominated by steel until the s, has since diversified to include chemicals, rubber, and other products.

During the past decades, growth in the financial sector has more than compensated for the decline in steel production. Services, especially banking and finance , account for the majority of economic output.

Luxembourg is the world's second largest investment fund centre after the United States , the most important private banking centre in the Eurozone and Europe's leading centre for reinsurance companies.

Moreover, the Luxembourg government has aimed to attract Internet start-ups, with Skype and Amazon being two of the many Internet companies that have shifted their regional headquarters to Luxembourg. In April , concern about Luxembourg's banking secrecy laws, as well as its reputation as a tax haven , led to its being added to a "grey list" of nations with questionable banking arrangements by the G In response, the country soon after adopted OECD standards on exchange of information and was subsequently added into the category of "jurisdictions that have substantially implemented the internationally agreed tax standard".

In early November , just days after becoming head of the European Commission , the former Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was hit by media disclosures—derived from a document leak known as Luxembourg Leaks —that Luxembourg under his premiership had turned into a major European centre of corporate tax avoidance. Luxembourg has especially close trade and financial ties to Belgium and the Netherlands see Benelux , and as a member of the EU it enjoys the advantages of the open European market.

Luxembourg has efficient road, rail and air transport facilities and services. The advent of the high-speed TGV link to Paris has led to renovation of the city's railway station and a new passenger terminal at Luxembourg Airport was opened in Luxembourg city reintroduced trams in December and there are plans to open light-rail lines in adjacent areas within the next few years.

The number of cars per persons amount to In , it is set to become the first country to make public transportation free. The telecommunications industry in Luxembourg is liberalised and the electronic communications networks are significantly developed. Competition between the different operators is guaranteed by the legislative framework Paquet Telecom [72] of the Government of which transposes the European Telecom Directives into Luxembourgish law.

This encourages the investment in networks and services. Luxembourg has modern and widely deployed optical fiber and cable networks throughout the country. Some 20 data centres [97] [98] [99] are operating in Luxembourg.

Six data centers are Tier IV Design certified: The people of Luxembourg are called Luxembourgers. Since the beginning of the Yugoslav wars , Luxembourg has seen many immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina , Montenegro , and Serbia. Annually, over 10, new immigrants arrive in Luxembourg, mostly from the EU states, as well as Eastern Europe. There were an estimated 5, illegal immigrants in Luxembourg in The linguistic situation of Luxembourg is complex. It is characterized by the existence of a language specific to the local population Luxembourgish , mixed with the historical presence of the two major languages spoken in the surrounding countries French and German.

Three languages are recognised as official in Luxembourg: French , German and Luxembourgish , a Franconian language of the Moselle region that is also spoken in neighbouring parts of Belgium, Germany and France. Though Luxembourgish is part of the West Central German group of High German languages , more than 5, words in the language are of French origin. Apart from being one of the three official languages, Luxembourgish is also considered the national language of the Grand Duchy; it is the mother tongue or "language of the heart" for the local population.

Due to the historical influence of the Napoleonic Code on the legal system of the Grand Duchy, French is the sole language of the legislation. French is generally the preferred language of the government, administration and justice. The parliamentary debates are however mostly conducted in Luxembourgish, whereas the written government communications and the official documents e.

Each of the three languages is used as the primary language in certain spheres of the everyday-life, without being exclusive. Since the s, however, an increasing number of novels have been written in Luxembourgish.

Most official business is carried out in French. German is very often used in much of the media alongside with French. French is mostly used for written communications from the authorities to the public. Due to the large community of Portuguese origin, the Portuguese language is de facto fairly present in Luxembourg though it remains limited to the relationships inside this community; although Portuguese does not have any official status, the administration sometimes holds certain informative documents available in Portuguese.

Luxembourg is a secular state , but the state recognises certain religions as officially mandated religions. This gives the state a hand in religious administration and appointment of clergy, in exchange for which the state pays certain running costs and wages. Since it has been illegal for the government to collect statistics on religious beliefs or practices.

Luxembourg's education system is trilingual: The past two decades have highlighted the growing importance of English in several sectors, in particular the financial sector. Portuguese, the language of the largest immigrant community, is also spoken by large segments of the population, but by relatively few from outside the Portuguese-speaking community. The University of Luxembourg is the only university based in Luxembourg. In , Luxembourg School of Business , a graduate business school, has been created through private initiative and has received the accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Luxembourg in Luxembourg has been overshadowed by the culture of its neighbours.

It retains a number of folk traditions, having been for much of its history a profoundly rural country. There are several notable museums, located mostly in the capital. Movie star Loretta Young was of Luxembourgish descent. Luxembourg was the first city to be named European Capital of Culture twice.

The first time was in The event was an attempt to promote mobility and the exchange of ideas, crossing borders physically, psychologically, artistically and emotionally. Luxembourg was represented at the World Expo in Shanghai, China, from 1 May to 31 October with its own pavilion. It represented Luxembourg as the "Green Heart in Europe". Unlike most countries in Europe, sport in Luxembourg is not concentrated upon a particular national sport , but encompasses a number of sports, both team and individual.

Despite the lack of a central sporting focus, over , people in Luxembourg, out of a total population of near ,—,, are licensed members of one sports federation or another.

The arena is used for basketball, handball, gymnastics, and volleyball, including the final of the Women's European Volleyball Championship.

The national stadium also the country's largest is the Stade Josy Barthel , in western Luxembourg City; named after the country's only official Olympic gold medallist, the stadium has a capacity of 8, Luxembourg cuisine reflects its position on the border between the Latin and Germanic worlds, being heavily influenced by the cuisines of neighboring France and Germany.

More recently, it has been enriched by its many Italian and Portuguese immigrants. Most native Luxembourg dishes, consumed as the traditional daily fare, share roots in the country's folk dishes the same as in neighboring Germany.

Luxembourg sells the most alcohol in Europe per capita. The main languages of media in Luxembourg are French and German. The newspaper with the largest circulation is the German-language daily Luxemburger Wort.

Because of the strong multilingualism in Luxembourg, newspapers often alternate articles in French and articles in German, without translation. In addition there are both English and Portuguese radio and national print publications, but accurate audience figures are difficult to gauge since the national media survey by ILRES [] is conducted in French. Due to a law that established a special tax scheme for audiovisual investment, the film and co-production in Luxembourg has grown steadily.

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