· The power of Reddit saved one man's life. Bear Silber developed a mystery ailment in adulthood that debilitated his body for years — his condition was identified after seeing the .

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What are some things, that look harmless during the day, but get insanely creepy during the night? What's a story you don't tell people because they wouldn't believe it?

What is the creepiest thing to happen in the history of Reddit? What's the creepiest thing that you've seen other families do that they accept as totally normal? What is the creepiest and most unexplainable paranormal experience you've ever had? What is the creepiest explainable, non-paranormal story or event that happened to you?

What's your creepiest non-paranormal story? What was the scariest non paranormal thing to ever happen to you?

What unexplained, seemingly paranormal event did you experience as a child? What's the scariest real thing on our earth? In the spirit of Halloween - Paranormal or not, what is the scariest, creepiest or most unsettling experience of your life? What is the most terrifying thing you've ever seen or heard? What's the creepiest piece of real found footage? What's the creepiest thing you know is happening on Reddit? Soldiers of Reddit, what's the scariest or weirdest thing you ever saw while you were deployed?

What's the most terrifying thing you've seen in real life? People who work in surveillance, what's the most unexplained or creepy thing you've seen on video? Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you?

Serious Redditors who believe in the paranormal, what convinced you it's real? Parents of Reddit, what has your child done to make you think they lived a past life? Whats the scariest place you can find on google street view? What are some of the Scariest Small Towns in America?

Hikers and campers of Reddit; what's the creepiest thing you've experienced out in the wild? What are some creepy verified pieces of found footage? Men of reddit, what's the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you? Women of Reddit, what's the creepiest thing a man has said to you? Coroners of Reddit, what is the strangest cause of death you've ever encountered? Truckers of Reddit, what's the weirdest or creepiest thing you've heard over your radios?

What sound turns times scarier if heard late at night? UFO enthusiasts of Reddit, what do you think is the single best and most convincing photograph of alien life? What's the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you? Truckers of Reddit, have you ever gotten spooked or creeped out while parking overnight somewhere? If so what happened? What's the scariest situation you've been in?

What's the scariest thing you've ever witnessed on a casual day? Campers, backpackers and park rangers of Reddit. What is the weirdest or creepiest thing you have found while in the woods? People of reddit who work the day shift at non-haunted businesses and don't spend all your time in the woods, what's the creepiest thing you've experienced?

Pilots and flight attendants: What was the scariest thing to happen to you in-flight? When did your "Something is very wrong here" feeling turned out to be true? What scares you as an adult but didn't when you were a child? What is the creepiest NSFW thing you have experienced? What unsolved mystery gives you the creepys? What is the scariest experience you've had in your life that you believe can only be attributed to the paranormal?

Reddit, what is your creepy story of living alone or being alone in the house? Truck drivers of Reddit: I did remove the duplicate ones. Reddit, what is your most disturbing, scary, or creepy real story? What is your hometown's creepy urban legend?

Graveyard Shift workers of Reddit, what crazy, creepy, unbelievable things have you seen working in the dead of night?

What is the creepiest unsolved crime you have ever heard of? Alien abductees of reddit or people who have claimed to see a UFO, what's your story?

What great mysteries, with video evidence, remain unexplained? What is the creepiest audio recordings you have ever found on the Internet? Reddit, what are some of the creepiest, unexplainable, and darkest places of the internet that you know of?

Reddit, regardless of your opinion of the occult or supernatural, what is the most downright creepy or unexplainable thing that you've ever experienced?

Walking through a graveyard yesterday, I stepped on a broken piece of a headstone with just my birthday inscribed on it Pic included. As it's nearly Halloween, how about we share some creepy stories? What's the creepiest shit you've ever seen at night? Reddit, what is your creepiest, most unnerving story? Real or not, please creep us out. Reddit, what is the creepiest 'true' story some one has ever told you?

What is the scariest unexplainable thing that has happened to you? My huge collection of paranormal-themed askreddit threads. After the popularity of my posts about this last time, someone pointed out this sub reddit to me. Figured I'd gather them all in one place instead of posting in 3 parts. Hey, can you check your formatting? Some of them don't show on mobile but do in my browser. Haven't gotten through your whole list yet, but I did find this thread from somewhere else in Reddit, don't know if you have it or not: Sorry if this comes off poorly!

I love reading the creepy story Reddit threads with a passion and always have trouble finding the good ones on the search bar. Not to toot my own post or anything, but here's a new thread about spooky YouTube channels: Thank you so much for this!

It's not like I wanted to sleep between now and Christmas anyway!! I've been debating on this one since you posted it here, but yeah, I think it fits. You can also write your own articles or submit news stories from other publications that you deem fit for the website. We have not forgotten about the geeks out there.

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