The Rocket Ranger 1.

November 21, 2016 - TF2 Team

Grordbort's Moonman Pack" and "Dr. Grordbort's Brainiac Pack" item sets. November 2, Patch Added the "Grand Duchess" set. July 10, Patch Set bonuses that alter stats, such as the ones the Special Delivery and Tank Buster sets granted, have been removed.

December 4, Patch Added the "Sixties Sidekick" item set. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 24 November , at I've seen better sides of beef been run over by a combine. Click to listen — The Engineer on unappealing sets of items.

Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol. The Boston Bulldog 1. The Retro Rebel Pack. The Wicked Good Ninja Pack. Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood. The Isolationist Pack 1. The Deep-Fried Dummy 1. The Rooftop Rebel 1. Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet. The Tin Soldier 1. Enables additional voice responses Allows the Soldier to perform the Robot Dance taunt. Helmet Without a Home. The Rocket Ranger 1. The Terracotta Trooper 1.

The Federal Express Pack. The Gas Jockey's Gear. The Infernal Imp 1. Tail From the Crypt. Burny the Pyrosaur 1. Malice in Pyroland 1. The Murky Lurker 1. The Ronin Roaster Pack. The Fast Food Firestarter Pack.

Employee of the Mmmph. The Sons of Arsonry Pack. The Automated Abnormality 1. One Thousand and One Demoknights. Ali Baba's Wee Booties. A Whiff of the Old Brimstone. The Highland Hound 1. Hair of the Dog. Allows the Demoman to perform the Wolf Howl taunt. The Count Tavish 1. The Cursed Captain 1. And if you're also like us, you then start remembering how all those places have filthy water and enormous spiders and those weird little fish that crawl up your So instead, we're bringing the tropics to you, with a new tropical jungle-themed map we're working on!

And we'd love the talented folks in the Workshop to join us! For those of you already developing for existing community themes, good news: There's a lot you've already developed that we think will fit in perfectly with the tropical theme. For the rest of you Workshop creators, consider this a call to action for all things tropical over the next few months: If you've got something tropical in mind, get cracking, because we'd love to see it. Don't forget to upvote your favorites in the Workshop!

Remember how in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials came out, and we all agreed as a planet that we'd basically solved movies forever and never had to watch or make another one again? Well, it might finally be time to re-open the debate. Presenting your Saxxy Award winners. When the leaves begin to change, the days become a little shorter, and everything blurs into egg nog-flavored regret, it is time again for the Sixth Annual Saxxy Awards!

Entries have been submitted, folks, so it's time to nurse your hangover with creative SFM videos all day long. Click here to watch and vote for your favorite entries. Get absolutely nothing done at work or school! It's that time of year again, folks.