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If you are building up your wealth, and want to use something you can understand easier, doing it monthly, a REIT ETF such as this is also good. Perhaps you favor a equity, bond and real estate allocation. While the industry, compared to other countries is young, the industry have seen its fair share of problems. The industry have seen a credit crunch in the Great Financial Crisis of , where many REITs could not refinance their loans and have to seek more funds from the shareholders for non-accretive loans. Hi Kiyth, Can you please share to cons of having the.

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Contango Income Generator Limited. Contrarian Value Fund Limited. Future Generation Investment Fund Limited. Forager Australian Shares Fund. Glennon Small Companies Limited. Gryphon Capital Income Trust. Hastings High Yield Fund.

Mercantile Investment Company Limited. Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited. Naos Ex Opportunities Company Limited. New Guinea Energy Ltd. Plato Income Maximiser Limited. Sandon Capital Investments Limited. Wealth Defender Equities Limited. Westoz Investment Company Limited. Watermark Market Neutral Fund Limited.

Aurora Global Income Trust. Ellerston Asian Investments Limited. Ellerston Global Investments Limited. Fat Prophets Global Property Fund. Hearts and Minds Investments Limited. L1 Long Short Fund. Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Limited. Platinum Asia Investments Limited. Total returns assume the reinvestment of all distributions. Growth returns are the returns due to change in initial capital value. Distribution returns are the returns due to the distributions paid which may include net realised capital gains.

The Net Asset Value is used in the unit price chart. Australian Property Securities - Fund profile. Zurich Investments Funds Application Booklet. The Australian Property Securities Fund is recommended by these leading research houses:. Highly Recommended Recommended products are deemed strong investments within their respective asset class, typically rating first quartile on most criteria. Fund Manager of the Year: Think before you print. Managed funds Australian Property Securities Fund.

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