Martin Luther King Weekend

Villa Roma offers all types of themed and exciting ethnic weekends! Whether you want to participate in our famous Italian Themed Weekend, or want a relaxing overnight romantic weekend, the Villa Roma is the place for you.

Your two, three, or four-night packages include the traditional Thanksgiving meal, breakfast and dinner daily, entertainment nightly, and supervised programs for kids.

Winter Specials

Tommy Steele Band - Detroit based country/southern rock. Creating music as the rallying cry for the everyday guy and girl who works hard and plays harder!

A weekend filled with rest and restoration, spa treatments, and sweet treats. During her time here your mother will enjoy four full meals. Spoil your mother with a complimentary suite upgrade when you make early reservations for her. This all-inclusive package will include all of your meals during the stay as well as constant all weekend entertainment. Some of the guests have been summoned to Villa Roma this weekend by a mysterious host, Mr. Boddy, who is nowhere to be found. Instead, his bizarre staff members are here to greet the guests, and the mystery continues to unfold.

Peacock, and perhaps, someone who was not on the guest list. Who survives in this spoof of the cult film and board game. Rates do not include tax, gratuities and resort fee. Live outdoor entertainment every night during your stay at the Villa Roma Resort. Gather outdoors on the grass or sit with a brilliant view from the grand balcony outside the mezz level of the hotel to watch the fireworks shoot off into the night. Lounge around the pool as you wait for the night to explode. With a drink in your hand relax and let the sparks flow, and grab a bite at our Pool Grill.

Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to enjoy everything the Villa Roma has to offer during your all-inclusive stay. Spend your day swimming in our outdoor or indoor pools, racing our go-carts, or hitting a round of golf. Spend your nights at our bonfires or inside for some nightly entertainment or drinks by the bar.

Daughter Dorothea is the biggest witch of all but is that enough to save the family name? Blanchetta and Rosalinda are here to help…or are they? Your two, three, or four-night packages include the traditional Thanksgiving meal, breakfast and dinner daily, entertainment nightly, and supervised programs for kids.

Fill your bellies up just steps away from where you can take your Thanksgiving naps. Ring in with us! Headline Entertainment on December Countdown until the new years in our nightclub as we watch the ball drop with a balloon release at midnight.

Our fully serviced bar in the nightclub with keep your drinks coming all night. Even hop up on stage with our DJ and dance the night away singing your lungs out to the biggest hits of Serious fun all day long, all year long! In addition to ski hill, Villa Roma has an almost unlimited array of facilities and activities to indulge in your pursuit of vacation fun.

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