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The Bible presents the world as a flat disc with a solid dome over it. Every biblical representation of the earth is consistent with this model, and there is no biblical material to the contrary.

Apart from the study of general revelation, there would be no reason to doubt this. If you read the biblical text apart from any modern scientific assumptions, this becomes particularly clear. God created a firmament raqia in the midst of the waters, dividing the waters from the waters, so that there are waters above and below this raqia Genesis 1: This raqia appears to be a solid object, because it is that which divides the waters above from the waters beneath.

If the raqia were not there, then the waters above would come pouring down. At the flood, God opened the windows of heaven, and the waters above came pouring down. Yet as we will see, those waters are still there, which means that the raqia still holds back those waters. On the other hand, in Genesis 1: Again, the picture is entirely consistent with the idea of a solid dome. And there was under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and it was like the substance of heaven in its clarity.

And further, it is unlikely that such an analogy would develop if the people of God believed that the raqia was anything except a solid structure. Since the historical accounts in Genesis and Exodus provide solid ground for seeing the firmament as a solid object, these poetical references only bolster this conclusion.

After all, if they conceived of the firmament as empty space, they would be unlikely to use images such as this in their poetry. The flood did not exhaust them. They still give praise to the Lord. Each is a dome under which God rules and is worshiped. The earthly sanctuary is a picture of the whole earth-and indeed of the heavenly sanctuary.

Indeed it is also used in. When he utters His voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens. God sits enthroned in the heavens Ps. Sure enough, he is able to look down and see the sea of glass 4: Yet he can see through the sea of glass to see all that is happening on the earth.

From these passages it is clear that the biblical authors thought of the blue dome over the earth as a solid object. This was plainly the belief and teaching of the church from Moses through the middle ages-long after the realization that the earth was not flat.

The flatness of the earth is portrayed in several places. It is nowhere stated in a blunt fashion as is the solidness of the raqia, but it is clearly the assumption behind the descriptions in the following passages:.

There is no indication that this is a globe hanging in outer space. Instead, since the waters under the firmament are gathered together into one place, the picture is that under this dome there are two and only two environments: Earth, after all, is not the name of the planet. It is only the name of the dry ground. At Your rebuke they fled; at the voice of Your thunder they hastened away. Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun, which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoices like a strong man to run its race.

Its rising is from one end of heaven, and its circuit to the other end; and there is nothing hidden from its heat. These passages are entirely consistent with the picture of a flat earth, and a literal reading of them would result in the belief that the earth is flat.

Indeed, this was the belief of all people who read them until the study of general revelation indicated that the earth was round. Another implication from these passages is the idea of geocentricity. The passages cited above plainly indicate that the earth does not move. This, after all, was the primary theological objection to Copernicus and Galileo-since they insisted that the sun was at the center of the solar system.

The Roman Church was exegetically correct. Scripture does indeed present us with a geocentric picture of creation. The question is whether general revelation can cause us to question our exegesis.

The biblical authors present the earth as flat. Not one whit of special revelation indicates anything else. The language of foundations, pillars, corners, tents, and firmaments all indicate a flat earth with a solid dome over it. The history of biblical interpretation bears this out.

No one questioned the flatness of the earth until people studied general revelation. Few questioned the solid dome above the earth until Copernicus and Gallileo challenged the Ptolemaic system. In the former case, the scholars were pagans; in the latter case they were Christians. The study of general revelation caused biblical scholars to question whether they had properly understood special revelation.

There were no exegetical grounds for believing in a round earth. Indeed, exegesis would seem to indicate that the earth is flat.

The study of general revelation may indeed cause us to question whether our traditional exegesis is in fact what the Word of God demand that we believe. Anyone who denies this must believe that the earth is flat, does not move, and has a solid dome above it. On the other hand, if we admit that the Bible uses figurative language, and recognize that the biblical authors were speaking in the terms of simple observation, there is no dilemma. I look up at the sky. What else is blue? Oh, of course, there must be water up there!

Therefore there must be a clear or blue, solid barrier which keeps the waters from drowning me. I walk around on the earth. In my everyday life I assume that the earth is flat.

The sun rises and the sun sets. Why do we expect the biblical authors to have access to modern scientific information? Do we really think that science is that important?

What they say is true—from a simple observational perspective. I refuse to elevate science into a canon of biblical interpretation. It may cause us to reconsider our traditional exegesis, but we should not let it force us to distort what the Scripture says. Scripture calls us to see the earth as the center of the physical universe. Scripture calls us to see the earth as a flat surface with a solid dome over it. It turns out that these statements are figurative, but they are no less true because of it.

The earth is the center of the physical universe not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense. As a picture of heaven, it points to the centrality of heaven in the totality of reality. Likewise, we are to understand that there is a solid dome over the earth that protects us from the waters of chaos and destruction.

Every time we see a rainbow we are to remember this. If it turns out that the blue dome above us is not literally solid, that does not shake our confidence that God put it there to remind us that he is the one who pours out wrath and blessing. Every time we see it we are to remember his mercy and power.

Well that is assuming you believe everything in that book. NASA has far more advanced technology that a bunch of goat and sheep herders from thousands of years ago. Science disproves much of these fairy tales. They might be sheep herders but were very sincere with no ulterior motives while these so called rocket scientists have some things up their sleeves…. Thank you for this link. It is no wonder they kill those that squeal like Grissom and those that are forced to keep quiet like Aldrin live lives of depression and alcoholism.

You can never successfully live out an entire lifetime based on a lie. Imbriano, it truly is a Satanic agenda and by the way, Copernicus was an devout atheist. Throughout the centuries this has been propagated by carefully crafted conditioning of the masses and justified by mathematical equations. How many billions have they stolen from the taxpayer? Now the new Mars movie is coming out right after the fake photos show frozen rivers on Mars.

This is a total fraud. It is such a joke. What else are they lying to us about? This is great stuff and you ask some really serious questions of a moronic society with half their brains in a jar. Dead men tell no tales. The fake Challenger deaths are so out in the open its a sick joke. Is the phony broken billion dollar boondoggle Hubble not capable of peering above the surface of the swimming pool it sits in?

All of the crap in the public school textbooks is a total lie. You think the water stays on a ball spinning at miles per hour as it supposedly whirls and wobbles at over miles per hour through space? You think you came from rocks? You think the miles of circulatory system in your body got there by by accident? You think that tree in your backyard that turns dirt, water and sunlight into an orange is some sort of a coincidence? Satanic deception warring for your eternal soul is exactly what is taking place.

That is why they are lying about everything. All these supposed astronauts were 33rd degree masons and are now just a buch of fucking drunks now who cant live with themselvfs.

Nasa just killed the honest ones who were gonna squeal. This is as close as you will get with NASA in control of all the fake images from space. A basic diagram of the layout of what we actually live on shows just how remote the ice ring is. The dome proves the existence of God-that is why they are hiding all of the evidence and teaching all these poor children the biggest lie ever told. This is purely satanic to the core. Turn on the TV and immerse yourself in satanism.

It is now paraded out in the open. Keep believing the lies of NASA and their fake computer generated fantasy images. The fact remains that Antartica is off limits except for small slithers. Why not show is the real images? Why are there no flights over the South Pole? The edges of the earth are an ice ring covered by a dome. Read up on operation high jump and operation fish bowl. I guess all those people who have been to Antarctica are complete liars and idiots, unlike you, a brave and intrepid scientist operating out of the courageous confines of your suburban home.

Joe has no burden to prove and if you were truly interested you would go do your own research. If you are still at odds with what Joe is presenting, then argue those points.

This bears repeating- All of the crap in the public school textbooks is a total lie. You think the water stays on a ball spinning at miles per hour as it supposedly whirls and wobbles at over miles per hour through space while thousands of miles of railroad track in South America have zero curvature engineered into them? There is a dome above this flat earth just like the Bible says.

Space travel is an impossible fantasy. NASA is a total fraud just like the moon landings. It is the religion of science and its blind followers that is making illogical and preposterous claims, not I. It is, unfortunately, true. It is easily understood by anyone who reads these writers and who has maintained even a shred of self-understanding, after the brutal attempts of modern education to remove self- and all other forms — of understanding from the mind of the unsuspecting student.

Because as a university professor in the sciences, one will compete for grant money, and one must publish several papers per year. Another student was given the more blunt version: Sadly, most but certainly not all of my colleagues in grad school were willing to go along with this demand.

Afterward, he was one of the most successful graduates of my class. For my own part, I left academia the instant I had my doctorate in hand. I would love to have taught, but in the modern world even 4-year, liberal arts colleges require that their professors publish several articles per year. The one college at which I bothered to interview made it clear that an incoming prof would be expected to work at least 80 hours per week, and most of that in the lab.

Obviously, that is not merely by hazard. I should have known before getting to grad school that such would be the case, but I was unbelievably naive. I thought that, since I was interested in theoretical chemistry, I would be working on abstruse problems with no possible applications for the defense industry.

The reality is that even research funded by the National Science Foundation is directly linked to defense work, and that all research projects will be scrutinized for their applicability.

Bernard Eastlund may have been whitewashing when he said he hoped his HAARP prototype would be used for beneficial and strictly peaceful ends; but regardless of his intentions, HAARP would never have been allowed to function otherwise, had it had any utility for those who tirelessly strive to dominate the masses.

Funding is only half of the problem with university-level science. Teaching was not only devalued at Berkeley, it was despised. At all so-called elite universities, undergraduates are taught mostly by grad students, who are expected to spend as little time as possible on teaching.

Which means, in perfect harmony with modern education objectives, that students are left to memorize and regurgitate material. Helping them understand it would take time away from research, you see. I wrote the above, not because I am wallowing in resentment about the way we were treated in grad school that would be giving the tormentors power over me even after the fact, as well as being a monumental waste of time.

Humaneness is not compatible with success. Does that sound like a good way to produce scientists who have the well-being of the community, or of anyone at all, in mind? Of course, one can be a consummately dislikable person, or a total misanthrope, and still be honest, ethical, and decent. But fear not, the academic system has ways of effacing those qualities as well. First and foremost is the fierce competition for funding, which is not by any means guaranteed just because one has been hired by a university.

Second is, indirectly, the sources of funding. When a microbiologist knows that the paycheck is coming from a pharmaceutical company, the incentive to find a new drug safe and effective is immense.

Data might be reported honestly, but the interpretation thereof, and conclusions drawn, will favor the source of funding. Even Wikipedia admits to the prevalence of confirmation bias in academia. Lack of understanding may seem like a minor flaw in science, as long as one can solve the exam questions and obtain good results in the lab. But the inability to reason beyond the mechanical level is a major contributing factor to the way in which, for example, an engineer can fail to grasp the environmental impact of the products of his or her research.

Worse, it results in researchers who have not the slightest inkling of, or often concern for, the abuses of their work by the paymasters. Here is one incident for which I still harbor some rancor. In my third year at Berkeley, my advisor was offered a great deal on a laser typical cost: The deal entailed his helping the laser manufacturer to produce a lengthy commercial for their product.

My adviser happily accepted that condition… and decided for me that I would take part in this project. I objected, and even refused, but was effectively bullied into going along.

The worst of which was that only a couple of my fellow grad students thought that I was justified in feeling exploited and deprived of my rights. Which goes to show that most people can rationalize almost anything when they want to be given a job. If the easily corrupted scientists are the branches and the university the trunk , the sources of funding are, of course, the root of the problem in academic science.

The Department of Defense, the pharmaceutical-medical monolith, Monsanto, Google, et alia: So why are they the ones deciding which research projects will get funded? Scientific illiteracy is a modern day crisis, the most tragic aspect of which is that it is absolutely unnecessary, not to mention indefensible.

When I say that scientific literacy is necessary, I most definitely do not mean that every one of us needs to go to university and get a degree in some science-related field. Quite the contrary, as that would mean getting trained not to think, and that in just one minute area of the whole realm of knowledge called science.

All I mean is that people need to develop and rely on their innate ability to reason, to apply their inherent but often repressed curiosity to examining the world around them, and to take responsibility for struggling through as many readings as it takes to understand the facts in front of them.

I assume that everyone who is reading this website has mastered all of the aforementioned skills; thus, our task is to convince others that they can and must do the same. Many people, though, even within the geo-engineering community, are afraid to present themselves as experts.

If I have accomplished nothing else in writing this article, I hope that at least I have convinced you that the supposed experts are not really the best-qualified to speak on any given issue.

What is a qualified scientist? A qualified scientist is one who looks up, and wonders, and eventually understands. Someone who has far more authority to speak out than a mere credentialed scientist. Do you think you hate math? Then you have been brainwashed.

The human mind is designed to think mathematically. Was science a drag for you? Only by design the design of an educational system which wants more than anything to control you. Watch any child in a natural environment playing with dirt and plants, and you will see that they are experimenting.

We are so very much more than we have been told! We need to assert ourselves. That is amazing with the UN logo and the Antarctic Treaty room.

I never quite understood why we did so much atmospheric testing at such high altitudes. It is obvious that they were unsuccessful in their efforts to breach the dome.

What you say makes alot of sense Joe. Most of the core scientific principles are ripe for challenge at this point. I have been reading the book called Zetetic astronomy and it is truly fascinating. I really appreciate your courage and your efforts in bringing this and so many other compelling issues to light, in spite of your critics.

Since the launch of Sputnik in the s, thousands of satellites have been put into orbit around the Earth and even other planets. Each has served a different purpose, from complex space stations like the International Space Station to the Global Positioning System. The layer through which a satellite orbits depends on what the satellite is used for and what kind of orbit it has. The general public, as you are are clearly a card carrying member of, has a massive inability to grasp basic concepts like how water seeks its own level and cannot remain attached to a spinning ball.

Your version of reality is steeped in the trite and mindless. NASA is full of shit. They are liars, murderers and thieves who rape the taxpayers. How many astronauts did they murder? At least three from Apollo 1-Fullerton named parks after each one of them.

Are you kidding me? Lee on February 2, - 8: Does anyone know about how they murdered Gus Grissom? Ask his son, he will tell you all about it. In another stunning development, a lead NASA investigator has charged that the agency engaged in a cover-up of the true cause of the catastrophe that killed Grissom and two other astronauts.

White and Roger Chafee, were the result of an explosive fire that burst from the pure oxygen atmosphere of the space capsule. NASA investigators could not identify what caused the spark, but wrote the catastrophe off as an accident. Grissom argues that the placement of the metal plate was an act of sabotage.

Breaking more than three decades of silence, Mac Donald says he determined that an electrical short caused by the changeover to battery power had sparked the fire. He says that NASA destroyed his report and interview tapes in an effort to stem public criticism of the space program.

Fellow astronauts, however, gave Grissom the benefit of the doubt for several reasons. Grissom was a decorated Korean War pilot who had flown nearly combat missions. He was a courageous man not known to panic. There was also evidence that the explosive device on the hatch could accidentally blow without being pulled — a fact that led NASA to remove such devices from future spacecraft.

Also, had Grissom pulled the explosive release on the hatch, his hand or arm should have had powder and bruise marks. Grissom, one of the original Mercury seven, was the senior astronaut when the Apollo missions began. Among the astronauts, Grissom was the most critical of the problem-plagued Apollo program, and the main Apollo contractor, North American Aviation.

Shortly before his death, Grissom had taken a large lemon and hung it around the space capsule as the press looked on. He had suggested publicly that the project could never be accomplished on time. Even before Apollo I, Grissom had received death threats which his family believed emanated from within the space program. The threats were serious enough that he was put under Secret Service protection and had been moved from his home to a secure safehouse.

Baron was fired soon after giving the testimony, and died, along with his wife, when his car was struck by a train. Authorities ruled the deaths as suicide. During the congressional hearings, Sen.

Walter Mondale questioned the efficacy of manned space programs. Manned space flights were opposed by many of the leading space scientists at the time, including Drs. James Van Allen and Thomas Gold. Simply mind blowing information. I could only imagine what in the world is like inside of your head Joe.

You expanded my thinking with this article like nothing I have ever read before as a Christian and you are so right. I agree with you. NASA with the hidden T in the logo spells satan. People are so easily fooled. That is why the devil is so powerful. People just roll over into his hands. It also spell Santa. NASA is actually a front for an international conspiracy to give children presents!

Admiring the hard work you put into your blog and in depth information you present. As long as you keep reporting old news, it really confirms the great job the City of Fullerton is doing.

Ancient mystery religions long ago established a high priesthood order in all levels of government, media, research, education, science and of course organized religion over years ago. Their power is derived from Masonic and Luciferian blood sacrifice rituals, Sigils which Mr.

Imbriano frequently alludes to in his expose of Apple computer company, black magic, and necromancy just to name a few. Ironically, the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow are being schooled in these dark arts by the very books they are reading in school and at home and the video games the masters have crafted for their addictive consumption. It cannot, nor will it ever be done for the same reasons that the faked pictures from the moon showed no stars.

The sheer multitude of variables involved in plotting their positions relative to the falsity of a rotating planet instead of the fixed plane are a complete impossibility. The Bible has been mistranslated and is being taught by seminary graduates from compromised institutions which produce the willing pawns of the intelligence agencies that have controlled eschatological interpretations to fit snugly into and guide US foreign policy.

There is ample evidence of their working with and alongside the CFR. These apostates have beckoned for from their pulpits, a foreign policy which has become a pure bloodbath for most of the know world. Your community of Fullerton continues to elect a 12 term Jesuit Congressman named Ed Royce who has for decades played you all extremely well and marched all of your children right off to a ritual killing field as they come home in pieces in a box wrapped in a flag in order for your SUV to fill up for under a hundred Federal Reserve Notes.

Unbiblical Protestant Zionism is perhaps the best example fueling the continued modern day inquisitions led by the Jesuit armies of Rome. The defilement of The Holy Scriptures by modern day harlots running these mega church corporations, the Vatican, its Masonic arm NASA, and the entire scientific community is brilliantly Satanic at its core denying the very existence of The Creator. One need only look at the very first verse of the Bible to realize where they have drawn the line and how deep, dark and long that line has become.

I am afraid 33 Degrees of Separation you have totally lost me. Where is the proof of a spinning globe? Where is the proof that gravity can work on a spinning globe? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Where is the testable experiment that shows gravity can grip the atmosphere, and hold oceans around a spinning globe? There is NO testable experiment that shows gravity can grip the atmosphere, and hold oceans around a spinning globe.

Nobody has observed no up or down. Nobody has observed a spinning globe. The spinning globe cannot be observed. Lets all go down to the slimebar boys club and blast our eardrums out with some obnoxious noise pollution, huff a bunch of body odor, cavity breath, pot smoke, big lots cologne, down some crappy flat beer, eat some greasy goo soaked in griddle fry, get into a fight in the parking lot over the hot chicks that never showed up, and then we can take two aspirin and call Dr strangelove in the morning.

I am sure he would love to hear all about it. I just took down the Mac n Cheese and fried pickles. Does it get any better? People watching to some good tunes on a Saturday night? I think I just saw Ron Thomas pissing on the memorial too. Throughout millenia war has been waged against the existence of The Almighty. It is a war that can never be won, yet will be waged nonetheless.

In the distant past, the weapons of choice ranged from the sword all the way down to the pagan priesthood. Today, the weapon of choice is intellectualism and a false religion of science itself relegating the creation to mere happenstance.

These work in harmony along side of NASA to cement the lies of a globe earth kept alive by an endless barrage of computer generated illusory images of what the masters would have us to falsely believe. Imbriano has once again placed his finger directly on the jugular of yet another massive agenda and deception with eternal consequences. The question is really not whether or not we believe the factual information that he has put forth, but rather how much pressure we are all willing to collectively apply to the jugular of, what most notably is, the biggest lie in human history: Imbriano is not ahead of his time, he is merely indifferent to the machinations of its very influence.

Truth in of itself is eternal, and those who wage war against it will never prevail. Imbriano in your work is found what the heart of man ultimately desires. May the truth continue to emanate from your efforts to be received willingly by all of us who are designed to freely consume it and be forever changed by it as I most certainly have been.

I wish you and family Godspeed, continued success and most of all safety Mr. People have seen the earth from the moon. We have countless observations and predictions that would absolutely not work if the earth were flat.

Time for you morons to practice what you preach, delete your accounts, get closer to your god and live the Luddite life you desire so much. Beginnend vermutlich im Jahrhundert und bis zum Jahrhundert wurden Diamanten mit einer glatten Spaltfläche nach unten und oben in gewölbter Form in Facetten geschliffen.

Diese Diamanten wurden dann zur Erhöhung der Reflexion in Silber über einer folierten Vertiefung gefasst, die poliert war und manchmal ebenfalls Abdrücke der Facetten des Rosenschliffes hatte. Mit Erfindung besserer Schleifscheiben im Jahrhundert konnte man Diamanten mit spitzem Unterteil schleifen, die erstmals durch Totalreflexion von oben einfallendes Licht wieder zum Betrachter zurück reflektieren konnten.

Solche Diamanten wurden dann unten offen gefasst und viele Diamantrosen sollen dann auch umgeschliffen worden sein. Diese Schlifform zeigte, wie die unten folierten Diamantrosen eine gute Brillanz und das Feuer Dispersion des Diamanten. Durch die Erfindung des Sägens konnten Diamanten im modernen Schliff und mit geringerem Verarbeitungsverlust entwickelt werden. Der moderne Schliff entstand so im Jahrhundert, mit einer deutlich höheren Lichtausbeute, die das Feuer Dispersion in den Hintergrund drängt.

Seit den er Jahren werden Diamanten unter anderem mit Lasern bearbeitet, um dunkle Einschlüsse zu entfernen und Steine zu kennzeichnen. Die Eigenfarbe von Diamant lässt sich nicht so einfach wie bei anderen Schmucksteinen beeinflussen. Unansehnliche Steine gibt man zur Farbveränderung seit den er Jahren in Kernreaktoren zur Bestrahlung.

Das Resultat sind dauerhafte Farbveränderungen. Die Resultate sind nicht immer eindeutig vorhersehbar. Kriterien zur Erkennung eines Diamanten sind u. Ein weiteres wichtiges Unterscheidungsinstrument zwischen naturfarbenen und künstlich gefärbten Diamanten liegt in der Absorptions- Spektroskopie. Die Farben beruhen hauptsächlich auf Einbau von Fremdelementen z.

Stickstoff oder Bor im Kohlenstoffgitter des natürlichen Diamanten. Eine besonders charakteristische — und für Diamanten die mit Abstand häufigste — Schliffform ist der Brillantschliff. Seine Merkmale sind mindestens 32 Facetten und die Tafel im Oberteil, eine kreisrunde Rundiste, sowie mindestens 24 Facetten im Unterteil. Nur derartig geschliffene Diamanten dürfen als Brillanten bezeichnet werden.

Zusätzliche Angaben wie echt oder ähnliche sind dabei nicht erlaubt, da irreführend. Die Bezeichnung Brillant bezieht sich stets auf Diamanten. Zwar ist es möglich — und auch nicht unüblich —, andere Edelsteine oder Imitate im Brillantschliff zu verarbeiten, diese müssen dann aber eindeutig bezeichnet sein, zum Beispiel als Zirkonia in Brillantschliff.

Zur Bewertung der Qualität und damit auch des Preises eines geschliffenen Diamanten werden als Kriterien die sogenannten vier C: So wurde am Die Gewichtseinheit für Edelsteine ist das Karat, Abkürzung ct. Der Name dieser Einheit leitet sich von der arabischen bzw. Cerat onia siliqua ab. Ein metrisches Karat entspricht exakt 0,2 Gramm.

Zur Beschreibung der Reinheit werden folgende Abkürzungen und Fachbegriffe verwendet Rangfolge , wobei sich die Kriterien auf die Begutachtung durch einen geübten Fachmann beziehen: Diamanten, die für das ungeübte Auge farblos zu sein scheinen, können vom Fachmann in verschiedene Farbklassen eingeteilt werden:.

So kann der eine geradezu leblos wirken, während aus dem anderen scheinbar Funken sprühen. Die Fluoreszenz beschreibt ein Bewertungskriterium bei geschliffenen Diamanten. Die Fluoreszenz eines Diamanten wird in einer Skala gemessen:. Rohdiamanten ohne Herkunftsangabe und Kimberly-Zertifikat werden von Händlern weitgehend geächtet.

Für geschliffene Diamanten gibt es in der Regel keinen Herkunftsnachweis. Zwar sind die meisten Diamanten farbig, viele sind jedoch unattraktiv. Reine intensive Farben sind selten und wertvoll; entsprechend werden bessere Preise dafür bezahlt, die zum Teil beträchtlich über dem Standard für farblose Diamanten liegen können. Statistisch gesehen ist bei Gelb- und Brauntöne, die mehr als 80 Prozent aller farbigen Diamanten ausmachen, sind im engeren Sinne keine Fancys.

Kanariengelb oder Cognacgoldbraun sind hingegen Fancy-Farben. Ein Diamant kann durch radioaktive Bestrahlung seine Farbe verändern. Nach einer künstlichen Bestrahlung folgt oft eine Temperaturbehandlung, die die Farbe ebenfalls beeinflusst. Bei künstlich bestrahlten Diamanten muss die Farbbehandlung im Zertifikat angegeben werden, da sie deutlich geringwertiger sind. Die Farbbezeichnungen werden zu Verkaufszwecken gewählt: Seit den ern ist die Argyle Mine in Australien die wichtigste Fundstätte für pinkfarbene bis rote Fancy-Diamanten.

Man unterscheidet sieben Fancy-Farben, neben denen noch viele weitere Zwischenfarben wie zum Beispiel Gold, Grau oder Gelbgrün existieren. Für die Färbung ist je ein anderer Stoff verantwortlich:. Schwarze Diamanten sind in den er-Jahren als Modeschmuck beliebt geworden. Neben dem seltenen, natürlich vorkommenden Carbonado , der wahrscheinlich durch Meteoriten auf die Erde gekommen ist und härter ist als Diamant, [38] gibt es natürliche, schwarze Diamanten.

Der bekannteste ist der 67,5 Karat schwere Schwarze Orlov. In der folgenden Tabelle sind einige besonders berühmte Diamanten zusammen mit ihrem Fundgewicht sowie Fundort und -jahr aufgeführt. Auch der Weltverband der Diamantbörsen residiert dort. Umstritten war der Konzern vor allem wegen seiner Vorgehensweise, überschüssige Diamanten aufzukaufen und somit den Preis für Diamanten stabil zu halten. Die prestigeträchtigste Anwendung finden Diamanten als hochwertige Edelsteine.

Zur Abgrenzung werden unedle, nicht als Schmuckstein zu verwendende Diamanten, feiner Diamantstaub bzw. Als Schneidstoff kann Diamant als Monokristalliner Diamant genutzt werden, der aus einem einzigen Stück besteht.

Das Bindemittel dient dazu, die Lücken zwischen den Körnern zu füllen. Bei Diamantschleifmitteln werden nur körnige Mittel genutzt. Es ist in manchen Bereichen ausgesprochen wirtschaftlich, Diamantwerkzeuge einzusetzen, wodurch Ausfallkosten und Umrüstzeiten für Werkzeuge minimiert werden können.

Die geforderte Oberflächenqualität lässt sich oft mit Hilfe von Diamantwerkzeugen ohne zusätzliche Bearbeitung in einem Arbeitsschritt erreichen. Sie werden häufig genutzt für die Präzisionsbearbeitung von Aluminium und Kupfer. Für die Bearbeitung von Stahl sind Diamantwerkzeuge nicht geeignet, da sie sich bei den dort auftretenden hohen Temperaturen in Graphit umwandeln und die Kohlenstoffatome in den Stahl diffundieren.

Diamantbesetzte Skalpelle könnten zum Beispiel in der Medizin zum Einsatz kommen. Durch Zusatz von Bor , Phosphor oder Stickstoff kann Diamant leitfähig gemacht werden und als Halbleiter oder sogar als Supraleiter fungieren. Ein Einsatz in elektronischen Schaltungen könnte wegen der hohen Beweglichkeit der Ladungsträger im Diamant-Einkristall und der guten Temperaturverträglichkeit zu höheren Schaltgeschwindigkeiten führen.

Abwässern und Prozesswässern eingesetzt werden. Bereits verwirklicht wurde die Beschichtung von Silizium- Wafern mit künstlichem Diamant, die von der Halbleiterindustrie eingesetzt werden kann, um eine bessere Kühlung elektronischer Schaltungen zu bewerkstelligen. Bei Tonabnehmern für das Abspielen von Schallplatten bestehen die hochwertigeren Spitzen, die Abtastnadeln, aus Diamant.

Diese Diamanten sind mit speziellen Schliffformen versehen und werden in den Nadelträger aus Aluminium oder Bor eingesetzt, teilweise noch verklebt oder verlötet. Ein weiteres Anwendungsfeld ist die Spektroskopie mit infrarotem Licht , da Diamant Infrarotstrahlung nur in geringem Umfang absorbiert. Selbst wenn einzeln schürfende Arbeiter fündig werden, werden die Rohdiamanten zumeist billig an die lokalen Machthaber verkauft, sodass nur ein Bruchteil der Gewinne bei den eigentlichen Schürfern verbleibt.

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