Yankees prospect Justus Sheffield to pitch in Futures Game

So we got the lease signed in Atoka. We are excited to bring the FFS brand of softball to Southeast Oklahoma. Here is a quick walk thru of the before.

This Day In History: The latest on Yankees free agent target Manny Machado: When it comes to the question of whether the Yankees should go all-in this winter and take the Manny Machado plunge, the best answer is a paraphrase of sorts of GM Brian Cashman:

Sheffield is one of the best pitching prospects in baseball

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The surgery went as expected, and Sabathia was said to be ready by the time Spring Training came around. Troy Tulowitzki signed with the Yankees to be the starting shortstop until Didi Gregorius returns, meaning that Manny Machado almost certainly will not be able to play his favorite position in New York.

According to people with direct knowledge of negotiations, Tulowitzki was only talking with teams that were willing to offer him a starting job. If the Yankees do sign Machado, it would only be to play third base, where he is an elite defender. But Machado has repeatedly expressed a preference to play short.

He will have to compromise if he wants to be a Yankee. The Yankees remain silent about their pursuit of Manny Machado , and the baseball world is left to guess where the star free agent will ultimately sign. But, as we've previously reported, their interest in the player appears lukewarm. They might land him, but they don't exactly seem thrilled about the possibility.

And now, new information about Troy Tulowitzki 's decision to sign with the Yanks makes you wonder again if Machado will indeed choose another team. Here is an update of rumors surrounding the Yankees pursuits, followed by my take on how things currently stand and may shake out.

Earlier on Thursday, agents began to say that they were getting close to accepting deals, even if the offers were for shorter terms than expected Here are the latest rumors All through the offseason, the Yankees' stance on Manny Machado has remained the same: They like the player, but won't go crazy for him, especially after a troubling postseason that raised serious questions about his on-field maturity. They believe they can assemble a championship-caliber team with or without him, and they do not expect to be the highest bidder.

By staying consistent in this stance, the team now finds itself in strong position because it's easier to win a negotiation when you are sincerely willing to walk away. The guess here -- and really, it's just speculation because neither Machado nor his agent, Dan Lozano, has telegraphed his intentions to anyone in the media, as far as we can tell -- is that the Yankees will ultimately land him.

Just call it a vibe we're catching. Times Square isn't the only place where the ball drops around here. Difference is, when it happens in the stadiums and playing fields of New York, with pigskin and horsehide instead of the foot diameter geodesic sphere plummeting on New Year's Eve, you're not always looking to celebrate afterward. There have been some notorious "drops" in NYC sports history, moments that have helped derail championship hopes, besmirched reps and provided endless video low lights for the type of person who can't look away from a wreck.

In some cases, one New York team has benefited from another's folly -- Luis Castillo 's drop, anyone? In others, it's been nothing but heartbreak. It's that time once again to pledge changes in our lives that are sure to be broken within a week. I took a stab at New Year's resolutions for key Yankees including some staff on an indi-vidual basis.

The list is taken alphabetically. Here is an update of rumors surrounding the Yankees pursuits, followed by my take on how things currently stand and may shake out…. As the Yankees await a decision from Manny Machado , the club is reportedly working on revamping its bullpen according to a tweet from Jon Heyman. Bryce Harper has long been coveted by Yankees fans and while the team has indicated it is not pursuing him this offseason although they're a fully functioning Death Star , as Brian Cashman noted some are still holding out hope that the slugger will don pinstripes.

One fan, a waiter and Bronx native, must have thought he unearthed the ultimate scoop this week when a patron he mistook for Harper told him he was signing with the Yankees.

Cashman said at the Winter Meetings that 11 different teams have expressed interest in Gray, a year-old starter who was relegated to the bullpen in after his immense struggles on the mound.

The year-old reliever is coming off the best season of his career. He had a 2. The deal, perhaps the most lopsided in sports history, saw the best player in baseball at the time and arguably ever on a successful franchise go to a club that hadn't yet won a title. The former Yankees pitcher has appeared on There are ballots that are estimated to be cast, so it is just a small margin, but it is a gauge on how things could be trending for the pitcher who has been kept out of the museum due to his role in the Steroid Era.

In the past, the Yankees have made some important free agent signings during Christmas season. Some of the deals turned into the favorite toys of the organization, while others despite the perceived promise turned into coal.

As we await the Yankees next free agent move, let's take a look back at some of those memorable agreements. Months later, are the Yankees willing to extend the leash on Andujar amidst a rumor-heavy offseason? The legendary Yankees closer is still on track to become the first unanimously elected member of the Hall of Fame.

The Save -- the baseball kind -- is the lowest-hanging fruit on the game's statistical tree," wrote Ballou, who covers the Red Sox. The Yankees and Mets are both in the market to beef up their respective bullpens, but neither felt strongly enough to make an offer to left-hander Andrew Miller , according to SNY's Andy Martino. The Yankees and Mets both had initial interest in Miller but his durability concerns steered them away from the two-time All-Star.

As we're in the middle of the holiday season, the Yankees are looking to see if their Christmas list will be fulfilled as the MLB offseason is in full swing. But we have the perfect gift for you: You can use these whether the Yanks make a signing, miss out on your favorite free agent, or save for the season.

During the week of Dec. However, Sabathia began experiencing some chest pain with symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn along with increased sweating during his normal exercising.

Sabathia decided to check it out, and doctors told him about the blockage. He underwent a procedure known as an angioplasty -- a common procedure to put a stent in the artery -- within days to clear things up. Manny Machado has completed his week-long tour with suitors and reportedly has settled on a preference.

Coulombe, 29, pitched out of the A's bullpen the last three seasons and has a career 4. The Manny Machado tour continued in Philadelphia on Thursday, with the year-old prized infielder spending over four hours at Citizens Bank Park.

In some ways the Yankees seem to be in a perfect spot to win any staredown for the services of one Manny Machado , dictating the terms along the way. The Phillies, after all, are the team that promised its fan base it is ready to spend stupid money this offseason, which sounded like something of a guarantee to sign either Machado or Bryce Harper.

They are also the team that desperately needs a superstar in its lineup and at the box office, after their young players hit a wall and turned a feel-good season of contention into a September collapse. Louis, according to multiple reports.

The year-old lefty is "very close" to signing with the Cardinals, per MLB. Happ , the bullpen has yet to be addressed. The year-old played 56 games with the Nationals before being traded to the Cubs last season. So why does Murphy matter to the Yankees? The Mets got tired of the Marlins' absurd asking price for catcher J.

Realmuto via trade and moved on by signing Wilson Ramos instead. It seems the Marlins haven't made much progress since the Mets bolted, but there's still a possibility Realmuto will be traded to their crosstown rivals, says Craig Mish of SiriusXM. Mish currently has the Yankees and Rays tied for the second-highest odds in acquiring Realmuto, trailing the Braves.

Amid Machado meeting and dining with the Yankees on Wednesday, Happ told reporters Thursday morning he was looking forward to the prospect of playing alongside Machado.

Many believe if the Yankees sign free-agent infielder Manny Machado , current third baseman Miguel Andujar is good as gone. Whether that occurs before spring training or after Didi Gregorius returns from his injury seems to be a formality to those adhering to the sentiment. However, there are circumstances that might persuade the Yankees to stick with Andujar beyond the season. After the Yankees had a meeting with free agent Manny Machado in the Bronx, Sweeny Murti discusses whether New York gave the infielder an offer he couldn't refuse.

Would the Yankees rather spend the money on Bryce Harper? With roughly 17 percent of Hall of Fame ballots for the election in, legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera still has percent of the vote. The closest a player came to unanimous selection was in , when Ken Griffey Jr. The Yankees were among the teams on hand for Troy Tulowitzki 's workout earlier this week, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo!

Tulowitzki recently dealt with bone spurs in both heels, but said he's refreshed after missing all of And according to his agent, he's willing to play second base and third base in addition to shortstop. When it comes to the question of whether the Yankees should go all-in this winter and take the Manny Machado plunge, the best answer is a paraphrase of sorts of GM Brian Cashman:. Sure, that was Cashman's dodge quote about not being in on Bryce Harper early in the Winter Meetings, but it applies here, too.

As good as they are, these Yanks still need a talent jolt and they should sign Machado, one of the winter's free-agent plums. Heck, it might be worth it just to up the Yanks' chances of not playing in the do-or-die American League Wild Card game again. But even they didn't expect him to have the breakout season he produced. However, the fielding aspect of Andujar's game wasn't entirely up to speed with his bat.

Andujar was rated the worst everyday third baseman in baseball last season, according to Fangraphs. He had defensive runs saved, and totaled 15 errors seven throwing, seven fielding over games at third. Outside of metrics, it was clear to the naked eye Andujar was struggling in the hot corner with a loopy arm motion and delayed reaction at times.

The Yankees must decide whether or not to push all their chips in on Manny Machado , but oddsmakers believe they will do it. Per online sportsbook, Bookmaker EU, the Bronx Bombers are the favorites to land the right-handed slugger at The Phillies are the next favorites while the White Sox, Dodgers and Nationals round out the order before the field.

The Yankees would be better with Manny Machado on the roster and it's a move that the team should make. FFS T-ball has a couple of openings. Tune Up for World camp is on a 1 hr Delay. Just need a little time to get the fields ready. We will order shirts on Monday. Remember the more times you can get in front of coaches the better. Ive had people say "we already seen that school at another camp". If they arent talking to you or your coach yet then you havent done enough to impress them yet.

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Fastpitch Futures Softball was live. FFS Vision and Culture. Call or text Tj More to come This event run in conjunction with the 8th Annual Tune Up for World returns for it's 2nd year after a hugely successful inaugural run in that saw over 70 kids participate along with 15 different college from the Juco, NAIA, and Div.

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