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Googletestad redirects here but there is nothing on this page about it. Was there once content which was subsequently removed? You can do the same thing on google. I think either include it here or delete it on the bing page. Below is what the bing page has. Adult content [edit] Video content Bing's video search tool has a preview mode that could potentially be used to preview pornographic videos.

Since the videos are playing within Bing instead of the site where they are hosted, the videos are not necessarily blocked by parental control filters.

Monitoring programs designed to tell parents what sites their children have visited are likely to simply report "Bing. The same situation can be said about corporate filters, many of which have been fooled by this feature.

Microsoft responded in a blog post on June 4, , with a short term work-around. The query would look like this: All potentially explicit images and video content will be coming from a separate single domain, explicit.

Additionally, Bing will also return source URL information in the query string for image and video contents. Both changes allow both home users and corporate users to filter content by domain regardless of what the SafeSearch settings might be. Google changed their layout a couple of days ago and did it again yesterday. The changes seem to be tests of the new design.

So I guess the logo image should remain unchanged until these changes are permanent. Redirects here, but is not explained in the article, could someone please rectify that? Has anyone read the recent Wired article that goes in-depth into how Google Search's algorithm works and has been improved over the years?

I wanted to add some significant events in Search's development but there's no real section for that right now. Examples of what I'd like to add are at the top of this page. Things like the complete rewriting of the algorithm in , moving to continual updating of the index in , and real-time search in The last one is already in the article Caffeine under the "functionality" section where it doesn't actually belong.

The internal article "Criticism of Google" [2] focuses on the Google corporation, but contains many sections and references to the content and nature of the search engine, which should be listed in this article.

Criticism section should include that needed search tools are buried so that to access the crucial necessary date-sorting options, a click through a "more search tools" link is necessary every. No option accessible to open with the crucial necessary date sorting tools available. And it isn't like there's no space available for the needed date sorting links.

The cryptic, crippled, unhelpful 6-link non-changeable user standard interface appears above a giant column filled with white space where the needed date sorting tools can and should go. Criticism section should include that new Google logo looks ugly, amateur, and hard to read compared with the one it replaced.

The Google corporation is suffering from the lack of someone with an eye who understands fonts and readability. It needs a Steve Jobs. Is there any news about this? And why do software companies keep changing the interface when no one seems to want a new one? I'll remove the addition if any objections arise. However it needs replaceing with a more careful wording rather than removeing.

With nothing in the discussion here about why. Anyone care to explain why this is, and why the company does not have its own Wikipedia entry? Pär Larsson talk This does not appear to be correct to me, or at least, it's not clear.

But rather than change the page and find that I'm wrong, I thought it better to put a comment here. The key is, you can only change this setting successfully if you disable Google Instant. Again, this appears to be a bit unclear at best, and incorrect to some degree. I agree that it does appear that for users who go to google. However, for people who use the Google Toolbar myself included , it is still possible to turn off "suggested search" by unchecking the appropriate box in Google Toolbar Options Search tab.

I can't find anything on my Google Toolbar to tell me what version I'm using, so I don't know whether I may have an older version, and perhaps newer versions no longer offer this option. It's important to note that when you turn off "suggested search", that impacts only the search window on the Google Toolbar, and once you land on the search results page, if you attempt to change your search terms, you don't appear to have any way to turn off "suggested search".

But for folks who do most of their searching from the Google Toolbar, it's nice to be able to turn off this feature. Baroness of Ballymote talk I would have added a section or atleast a couple of sentences if I was familiar with the technology. Or is information unavailable? Afaik, it is personalisation of Google Search , so a mention would help.

Done — Charles Edwin Shipp talk It is used under the section "Search products" in support of this sentence: I would suggest flagging this for removal. You may want to update the lead section. Looks like AND is no longer implied. Looks like this is part of Google's making things "easy" to use for uneducated masses or is it their new philosophy of "we know better"?

Who thinks Google search has jumped the shark? I added CN and dubious tags. The only alternative on offer is repeated " " - of little or no use. On the other hand - does still work. Shaemfully, yhey have degraded their own search engine. An image used in this article, File: Wikipedia files with no non-free use rationale as of 1 December Don't panic ; you should have time to contest the deletion although please review deletion guidelines before doing so.

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Amazingly, the main article in no way deals with Advertising Policies on the Google Search pages. Seeing as the policies dealing with the mixing of Advertising and Google Search results were formative of Google as a company, these certainly should be included here. Also a history of the advertising policies would certainly be interesting and informative as Google search started it out with the Google Founders specifically separating advertising and search results.

However, now there is often advertising at the head of the Google Search results which looks very similar to the search results.

The political and economic forces which brought about these changes would certainly be uniquely informative and interesting, and appropriate to a high quality encyclopedia entry on the topic of Google Search.

Is this the same search engine as Google? Done — Your answer is, "No. The result of the proposal was not moved per unanimous opposition. The ChampionMan Which one of these is nr. This shows that Facebook, but if we look these sites: Flatter Google logo in case Google sticks with the change: Marcus Qwertyus talk The hummingbird makes a nice logo also. There is one company whose wikipedia entry does not rate getting onto the first page of their google search.

Added note to article with generalized ref about EU finding that Google pushes Google to the expense of other sites, without any mention of WP. The ultimate example begin that WP's Google article does not show up when using Google to search for "Google". The statement under the Search Syntax heading "a prefix such as The citation for this information, http: However, I don't know the correct information to replace it with.

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