NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV exclusive sports package that brings you every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday. See the big games and catch all the action around the league with real-time stats and scores updates. 2.

Viable and affordable alternatives are abundant. I disagree, remember they paid the NFL 1. How to Watch Online.


Are you a NFL fan and have been holding on to DIRECTV for the NFL Sunday Ticket? Get ready to pay more for the – season. Yesterday AT&T, the parent company of DIRECTV, announced that there will be a % rate increase for preseason sales this year.

Watch 4 or 8 games at once, in HD, all on one screen. Call now to order! One-time or scheduled payment options are available. Stream live games on your phone, tablet or even select game consoles. Keep up with scores, player stats and more. With this convenient app, you never have to miss a second of the action. Bundle your TV package with high speed Internet to make the most out of game day and to stay connected every other day. Use the Smart Search function to find the game day matchups and football coverage you want.

Wanted the same prices that a new customer gets! They said no, and I said, 'Goodbye Dish. Very friendly, helpful, and super excited about the product she was selling, as well as being an employee. Anytime you're treated well as an employee it flows over and makes it even easier to promote whatever it is you're selling. She got me the best possible deal and was honest and knowledgeable! Thanks for answering all our questions and helping us with prompt answers. Because certain games air on CBS, they can not offer it.

Same reason March Madness app could not be supported for college basketball. How are they able to do it? Not arguing, just curious. DTVN would need a deal with 1 of the 2. They want to get as many traditional subscribers as possible. Dear NFL, kick Directv to the curb and sell your product straight to the consumer.. That would require NFL investing Millions into streaming capabilities that directv already has in place, the overhead makes it more profitable to use a pass through.

I actually spoke with a rep for Directv Now yesterday, and they said Sunday Ticket would be offered, but could not give me any info on price. I just had to wait to be emailed. I also asked about Red Zone channel, and I was told I would have to purchase Sunday Ticket in order to receive this; it would not be offered as a stand alone upgrade. It seems it was rumored then confirmed and added a week or so before the season.

I like Vue but if you going up on the prices I want more channels. They would love to offer it because it would make them a ton of money. No one should pay those outrageous prices. By Luke Bouma on August 3, in Blog. We Take a Look…. MacHead84 August 3, at 8: JD Campbell August 3, at MacHead84 August 3, at