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During this time it rose from an ancient settlement to the large city of Central Asia. The city has seen many memorable events and trials, also encountered the rises and falls. Tashkent has a moderate continental climate. In this megalopolis operates an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses, trams and shuttles, which can take you to any part of Tashkent. Besides, since metro works in Tashkent. It consists of three parts for — international, national and government flights. Therefore, blacksmiths usually austenize steel in low-light conditions, to help accurately judge the color of the glow.

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Ferrite Austenite Cementite Graphite Martensite. The current station is not considered powerful enough to supply the fresh water and energy needed at this time, and blackouts are a common occurrence. Aktau has an international airport , a railway station, and a developed seaport. Kazakhstan has been increasing the importance of Aktau's port with its changes in international export policy. It has been attempting to halt the transit of grain through the Black Sea and instead use routes over the Caspian or via Turkmenistan.

Aktau's port has been expanded completion achieved summer to accommodate ever larger quantities and more diverse types of cargo. This new route was made possible by the opening of a railway connecting Georgia and Turkey in It is notable that most of the city of Aktau lies below sea level in the Caspian Depression and is proximate to the lowest point in Kazakhstan and the former Soviet Union at Karagiye.

Aktau has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the seashore. There are several modern resorts on the coast to the south of the city. The beaches of the Caspian shore are popular in the summer, due to the hot climate of the season. Tourists come mainly from other parts of Kazakhstan. The city has a variety of local hotels and western chains of Renaissance and Holiday Inn. The main attraction in the city remains the Caspian Sea with its long side walks and beaches.

In the people of Aktau erected a Time capsule to send a message to future generations of the Mangyshlak Peninsula , including names of people who helped to build the town in the desert. The letter was put in a metallic cylinder in a triangular marble urn.

It was to be opened in November A ceremony to open the capsule was arranged and people traveled from far and wide to attend. This was subsequently postponed and then cancelled when it become known that capsule was, in fact, missing. Previously the capsule had been buried in another part of the town but building works in that location caused it to be relocated to the District 2 location.

Sadly the capsule didn't make the move.