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Escudo fuerzas armadas de colombia. Beneath this fortress is a maze of tunnels and there are still cannons in place along the battlements.

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Mayor General Luis Fernando Navarro. Luis Fernando Navarro Jimenez, comandante del comando conjunto de operaciones especiales de Colombia coess. Mexicanos del bombardeo de Angostura. Monumento al soldado GP. Plaza de Armas Guillermo Fergusson. Silueta de un Soldado. South Carolina National Guard Army South, Colombian army leaders discuss partnership opportunities.

Wikimedia Commons Atlas of the World The Wikimedia Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. Contents 1 General maps 2 History maps 3 Old maps 4 Other maps 5 Notes and references 6 Entries available in the atlas. Colombia - Colombia Category. Changes in the borders of Colombia since independence to the present day, according to the historiography of the country. Viceroyalty of New Granada Departments of Greater Colombia in Map of Greater Colombia showing the 12 departments created in Republic of New Granada United States of Colombia New Kingdom of Granada Republic of Colombia Map of the different accents that can be found within the Spanish language in Colombia.

It is often a place of pilgrimage and on Sundays can attact people to worship. After exploring these unique church we will continue our journey, driving to the quaint town, Villa de Leyva. This attractive town was founded in which has been preserved, with virtually no modern architectural influences at all, as a National Monument by the Colombian Government. You'll have time to enjoy its chaming colonial plaza, exploring the narrow streets and private courtyards.

Get talking to some of the locals, Colombians are some of the friendliest people in South America and are always happy to show you their way of life. This is also a popular area for hiking and mountain biking options.

From here we will have an hour's drive to Villavieja, a small town which is the gateway for visiting the Tatacoa Desert. We visit the desert, which boasts spectacular rock formations and surreal red sand. Villavieja itself is a lovely authentic Colombian town which you have the evening to explore after you have seen the sun go down in the desert.

There are hundreds of these statues to see spread over a huge area as well as many ancient burial sites. The pre-Columbian community was eventually replaced by a new group of people who arrived possibly from the Amazon region in the late eighth century bringing in more complex agriculture practises.

The parks also have some amazing views of the valley. When you are not exploring the archaeological site, you can enjoy the stunning green landscape, hike through the hills or take a jeep tour. Today we make our way to the airport to head to the the vibrant city of Cali. A short flight allows us to cut down on travel time giving you plenty hours to experience this captivating and energetic place.

Famous for their obsession with salsa, Cali has a large Afro-Colombian culture and a passion for latin music. Admire La Ermita, a church famous for its Gothic style architecture before soaking up the lively atmosphere in the Barrio de San Antonio area. Here you can get great views of the city from the top of the hill as well as having a host of restaurants and bars.

Cali also has the perfect climate for growing all sorts of fruits and you will find vendors selling everything from green mango to mora a cross between a raspberry and blackberry with plenty more exotic fruits on offer. Or why not try the local delicacy of pandebono, a cheesy bread sold in bakeries and cafes throughout the city.

Into the evening, follow the infectious sounds of the city and join in with a nightclub salsa dance as the locals shimmy the night away. If dancing is not your thing, you can still experience the atmosphere by watching a local show! This morning we take off our dancing shoes and head to the more peaceful archaeological ruins of Taironaka.

After a short flight we arrive in the early afternoon with plenty of time to explore these ancient wonders. Taironaka is a relatively unknown area in northern Colombia and the perfect place to get off the beaten track. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the stunning nature reserve is home to a lush and tropical landscape that echos Colombian beauty.

Taironaka was home to the ancient Tayrona civilisation and the ruins remain to this day, with small buildings arranged around terraced stone circles showing the social hierarchy at the time. The reserve is reached by a short boat trip heading up the Don Diego river, another perfect opportunity to experience the tranquility of the rainforest.