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Leaving home, becoming a parent, or going through a divorce can dramatically increase this exceptionally high figure. Zachary van Winkle and Emanuela Struffolino are the first to study how such family demographic transitions can push people into at-work poverty and breed social exclusion. Radical right parties have seen increasing electoral success. What does this imply for parties and party systems? Do established mainstream parties adjust their policy positions in response to successful radical right parties?

Werner Krause and Tarik Abou-Chadi tackle these questions in a new blog post. What citizens think about Muslim immigrants has important implications for some of the most pressing challenges facing Western democracies. A new study by Marc Helbling and Richard Traunmüller dismantles the simplistic dichotomy between liberal supporters and conservative critics of immigration and reveals that the friction between political liberalism and religious fundamentalism also plays an important role.

The WZB invites applications for the A. SK Post-doctoral Fellowships The fellowships support research on public policy with a focus on economic and governmental reforms. Three fellowships will be awarded for the duration of up to 12 months and can be taken up in or The Datenreport paints a detailed picture of what life is like for the next generation growing up in Germany today.

What are the international consequences of authoritarian rule? How do developments abroad affect dictatorships domestically? In contrast to the claim made by official Industrie 4.

Our focus is on education and work, markets and choice, migration, democracy and autocracy, international politics and law. At the WZB researchers from various disciplines work together — mainly from sociology, political science, economics, law and psychology. EP EPB1 de US USB2 en Einrichtung zum Prüfen der an Fahrzeugrädern angreifenden Drehantriebsverbindung unter betriebsähnlichen Belastungsbedingungen.

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Apparatus for and method of testing dynamic characteristics of components of vehicle. Method of correcting conicity, radial run out, and force variations in a pneumatic tire. Method and apparatus for determining moments acting upon an object under measurement. Apparatus and method for reducing vibration characteristics in a wheel rim and tire assembly. Method and apparatus for measuring the inclination of the wheels of an automobile.